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Folks, if you don’t already know, it’s a great time to be reading comics. Take this month’s list for example: when stalwarts like Garth Ennis’s Battlefields and Ed Brubaker’s Fatale don’t even crack the top five (not to mention such left field surprises as My?tery Society and The Answer!) you know it’s been some good readin’. Dare I suggest we’re witnessing a second Golden Age?

5. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #3 (kaboom!): Natasha Allegri’s delectable delight is not exactly subversive, like a dessert laden with liquor, but it is a multi-layered cake. It can be gulped down, with childlike ravenousness, as the super-fun fairy tale that is. Or it can be slowly digested as a knowing commentary on gender roles. Or better yet, both. Bon Appetit. (DM)

4. Buddy Cops (Dark Horse): To kinda quote the Clan: “[Nate Cosby] be tossin’, enforcin’, [his] style is awesome/[Evan Shaner’s] causin’ more Family Feuds than Richard Dawson/And the survey said–[if ya didn’t think Buddy Cops was friggin’ hilarious,] ya [must be] dead.” (SC–with a little help from RZA)

3. The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2 (IDW): Pulp heroes tearing it up in the golden age of Hollywood? Really, what more could you ask for? Roger Langridge and J Bone’s ode to nostalgia earns the label “classic” on every level. A dream for comics fans and movie fans. (DM)

2. Nowhere Men #4 (Image): Complex storytelling, beautiful art and sophisticated design: Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde and Fonografiks’ tale of science gone awry in a retro-mod near future is a sleek, finely-tuned, precision vehicle. If “science is the new rock n’ roll” then this is the coolest book on the stands. (DM)

1. Saga #11 (Image): A stunning piece of storytelling from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples.  Over the course of eleven issues, they’ve managed to assemble the most relatable cast of characters in comics; and that unparalleled ensemble is put to the test in this emotionally charged issue of sex, love, sacrifice, and death.  There isn’t another book being published that can touch it.  I thank God I get to–every four weeks or so.  (SC)

The Biggest Dis(appointment): Animal Man #18 (DC) –  “The most tragic day in the life of Buddy Baker”?  OK.  If you say so.  In fact, you had to say so because, as the story unfolded, I felt absolutely nothing of tragedy–except maybe the very tragic pangs of disappointment.  In the end, my expectations for this title–which had been on life support after #17–were killed along with Cliff, himself a mini Animal Man, playing the role of the simply unnecessary sacrificial lamb. (SC)

But let’s accentuate the positive: this month’s Top 5 represent a wild variety of storytelling, genre and art that affirms and re-affirms our love of the medium. We share these books because they are the ones that excited us this month. So what’s your Top 5?  Share it with us. Or spread the word and tell a friend. Like we said, it’s a great time to be reading comics.

Turning pages,

Scott & Derek