Ended up being a little bigger than I expected.

That, of course, is what she said.

  • The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3 (Despite the title of this Rocketeer arc, Langridge and J Bone’s mini run has been nothing but fun!)
The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3

  • Sledgehammer 44 #2 (If it weren’t a two-and-done, probably would’ve passed.)
  • Secret Service #6 (Oh, yeah!  That’s what happened!)
  • Harbinger #11 (Consistently energetic and engaging.)
  • Archer & Armstrong #9 (Consistently smart and fun.)
Archer & Armstrong #9

Archer & Armstrong #9

  • Batman #19 (Increasingly arrogant and, unfortunately, forgettable.)
  • Mister X One-Shot (A Derekommendation from two weeks ago or so.  Looks very cool.)
  • Uncanny X-Men #4 (Has been spotty–same as All-New–but color me recruited.)
Uncanny X-Men #4

Uncanny X-Men #4

  • Batman and Red Robin #19 (Read it.  Another example of my being a whore for newsworthy books.  Now, if Carrie Kelley weren’t in it, I wouldn’t have bought it and I would’ve missed Frankenstein in a turn that left me in stitches–and him out of them!  Thank goodness for Frank Miller!)
  • Saga #12 (Read it, duh.  Come on, now, folks: if you’re stuck on the near-inconsequential in-your-face screen shots, you don’t deserve to read this book–this exercise in love and layers.)
  • Snow Angel One-Shot (Another Dark Horse one-shot recommended by Derek.  Was lucky my mistress had one left.)
  • Hawkeye #1 (I’m finally giving it a shot–after five printings!  Recommended by my mistress–my shop guy on the sly–so I can decide whether or not to grab the trade.  From what I’ve heard and read, I’m late to a helluva party.)
  • X #0 (Been happy with Swierczynski over on Bloodshot.  Figured it’s worth a shot.  Boy, that’s a lot of Dark Horse books.)
X #0

X #0

  • Sex #2 (First go-round wasn’t all that satisfying.  Rarely, however, will I give up after one issue.  We’ll see what this one does for me.)

She also said something else, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Too busy turning pages,