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By Derek Mainhart

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow 8 (DC Comics)

A greenhorn seeking help from a seasoned warrior.

A mission of vengeance and rescue.

A journey narrated through memoir, with language that’s beautifully ornate and of a simpler time.

A trail that leads our heroes through many a backwater town.

Hostile landscapes full of deprivation and suffering.

A band of low-down killers terrorizing the local popuation.

A hero astride her trusty steed.

In addition to being an invigorating re-definition of the character (one that I hope sticks), this masterpiece, by Tom King, Bilquis Evely and Matheus Lopes, is also one of the best damn western I’ve experienced in a long while.

The Searchers in space.

I’m at once at the edge of my seat for the climactic showdown,  and terribly sad that the trail has reached its end.