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The Seeds #1: Cover by David Aja

Here’s my 22 I&N 22* for The Seeds #1 (Dark Horse/Berger Books) by Ann Nocenti (Writer) and David Aja (Artist & Letterer):

So The Seeds: a planting—conspiraseeds: political ploys propagated to beefuddle—a hexagonal analysis of life, death, interconnectedness. Its true face: genius.


Let us know what you think–about The Seeds #1 and about 22 I&N 22!

Turning pages,


*22 I&N 22 is a 22-word review of a comic book–which is typically 22 pages long–done up I&N style, naturally.

And, yes: The Seeds is 28 pages long; but I can’t go mucking about with the branding of the feature, now can I?