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It’s a classic story: Boy gets bag.  Boy looks into bag.  Boy finds all the books he was hoping to find.  Boy closes bag.  Boy opens wallet.

B to the A to the G

  • Colder #3 (Another gorgeous cover from Juan Ferreyra.  And just underneath, a little hide and seek with Nimble Jack.  I’ve been starving for this one, so it’ll be my primo for the evening.  I mean, why wait?)
  • Fatale #11 (Gosh, I don’t think I’ve given enough credit to the colorist, Dave Stewart.  Friggin’ brilliant.  He’s just as much a part of setting the tone for this Top Ten book as the superstars whose names adorn the cover.)
  • Fury: My War Gone By #8 (Kicks off with a killer splash and a deadly hook: “You should have killed the little boy.”  Best first page of the year–so far, anyway.)
  • Justice League Dark #15 (Janin’s back and, thoughtful as always, brought a lot of Zatanna with him.   And, umm, Lemire’s got a co-writer: one Ray Fawkes.  I hope that doesn’t Fawke up the flow.)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #19 (I just don’t care about Venom.  Thumbed through.  Still don’t care about Venom.  Potential saving grace: more Miles than Spidey-Miles.)
  • Daredevil: End of Days #4 (The promise of Bullseye is enough for me.)
Daredevil: End of Days #4 Cover

Daredevil: End of Days #4 Cover

Not a bad batch.  Might as well get to it.

What did you get in your bag today?

Turning pages,