No time to dilly nor dally.  Right to it, then.

D. Seize

  • Action Comics #16 (DC): I hope Morrison fulfills the promise he made in #15: an attack on Superman the likes of which we’ve–and he’s–never seen!
  • Animal Man #16 (DC): Lemire’s a beast!
  • Dial H #8 (DC): The best book of 2012 is back to defend its title.
  • Swamp Thing #16 (DC): Coming up on Snyder’s exit.  Mine, too, probably.

The C’s

  • Clone #3 (Image): Cool premise.  Unfortunately, through two issues, that’s about all that’s been cool.
  • Change #2 (Image): Just weird enough for another go-round.

Spinning the Dial

  • TMNT: The Secret History of the Foot Clan (IDW): It’s one of our faves, Mateus Santolouco, on his very own book!  Definitely going to give it a try–even though I haven’t read TMNT since it first came out in the mid-’80s!
TMNT: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 Cover

TMNT: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 Cover

Picks of the Litter

  • Comedian #5 (DC): I wish it would just end already.  Can’t back out, though: it’s pulled.
  • Avengers Arena #3 (Marvel): I know what you’re thinking.
  • Secret Service #5 (Marvel): See Comedian #5.
  • Superior Spider-Man #1 (Marvel): Swayed by Slott, I’m giving it a shot.
  • Thunderbolts #3 (Marvel): So far, Elektra’s been on point–during the limited page-time she’s received, anyway.

That’s it for me!

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,