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Seems like a fun bunch.  Impatient, too.  They’re desperate–just dying!–to be read.  And I’m desperate–still denying!—because I have dictatorial duties demanding my time.

Baggy Pants

  • Winter Soldier #11 (We’re in the winter of Brubaker’s run, apparently.  That makes me terribly sad; but I’ll have to buck up and soldier on.)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Hmm.  A fill-in book, sure; but it’s Allred doin’ Doop.  I’m down.)
  • Fury Max #6 (Thumbed through.  Saw a guy with his head in a vise.  Max, indeed.)
  • Justice League Dark #0 (Constantine’s such a smug bastard.  Love it.)
  • The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #2 (I missed it when it came out.  Thanks to my guy, I didn’t have to miss it very long.  Plus: I get an unexpected Chris Samnee fix!)

Skinny Jeans

  • Batman Incorporated #0 (Why haven’t I put this on my pull list?)
  • The Ultimates #16 (I’m such a chump.  I didn’t have to pick it up.  But I saw it there; and the little demon said, “Well, you got the last one, so you might as well.”  I was like, “Angel?  Little angel?”  Ended up finding the little angel when I got back to the car: it was bound and gagged behind the driver’s seat; and it looked at me with eyes filled with sorry tears as I placed my bag–with this book in it–on the backseat.)

The Ultimates #16 Cover

Baby Girl’s Pick of the Week

  • Superman Family Adventures #5 (She’s got good taste.)

Can’t wait to get busy with these.

What did you get in your bag today?

Turning pages,