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Since it’s summertime, I’m Superdad full time; so I’m lucky enough to have my two daughters with me when I go to my favorite LCS–the great Android’s Amazing Comics, of course.  The girls just love to browse the shop, to check out the comics–they really know how to handle them–and the blind bags–they certainly know how to handle them–and the–as my little one calls them–soft things: you know: a rainbow of My Little Ponies and blood-red My Murderous Deadpools–all the things kids love!  Oh, it’s such a joy, especially since they let me take my time–without any distractions at all!–at the big wall of new books.

I pray I find these:

  • Leviathan #1 (Image)
  • Paper Girls #23 (Image)
  • Seven to Eternity #10 (Image)
  • Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #37 (Image): I&N Demand I loved #36!  It’s easily one of my favorite single issues of the year.  David Lapham emptied his clip into that one: Spanish Scott and Monster–talk about toxic masculinity!  (Oooh, this issue’s a black and white Superfund site!)  “Monsters are comin’,” indeed!  Gotta love those bad dudes–but not as much as Love Yourself–err—himself.  I fell for that fucker right away, and it’s no surprise why: on the surface, he’s sunshine and roses; but on the inside, there’s some kinda complicated shit goin’ on.  The love, the pain, the humor in the bespectacled face of death–I rooted my ass off for Love.  And that final page, tho.  That‘s a stray bullet right through the motherfucking heart.  Color me kinda nervous going into this next one.  Fucking monsters.


  • The Quantum Age #2 (Dark Horse)
  • The Seeds #1 (Dark Horse/Berger Books): I&N Demand In short:David Aja–just bee cause.  A maze sting!  (To quote Eisner-winner Tom King, who is very I&N Demand this week: “I’m sorry.”)


  • Batman #52 (DC): I&N Demand Batman vs. Bruce Wayne!  OK, so Bruce was a little hot after being left at the ledge.  Does that mean he–as Bat–had to put the heat on Freeze?  Hell yeah it does!  But Bruce gets it: he knows he went too far; and now, to remedy the situation, he’s got to fight eleven fellow Gothamites–those very citizens he’s fought for all along while wearing the cape and cowl!  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Tom King–FYI: CIA BEF DC–takes his take on torture/enhanced interrogation techniques to the chilly jury room, and Lee Weeks kills it with his gritty realism.  All together, #51 is powerful issue that sets up one heck of a Battle–let the deliberations begin!


  • Mister Miracle #10 (DC): I&N Demand I’ve never cared for the New Gods.  But now–now I care about the New Gods–because through nine issues, the New King has taken us through one emotional Boom Tube after another.  He–with the Eisner-winning help of Mitch Gerads–has got the gods grounded in the real and still they’re goddin’ it well enough to make it all so much more.  One thing Scott Free will never escape: Tom King–they’re chained together forevermore.


  • Captain America #2 (Marvel)
  • The Immortal Hulk #4 (Marvel): I&N Demand I really liked #1.  #2 was aight.  It had me kinda like Do I need this?  (Already droppin’ lots of green every Wednesday, so…)  I picked up #3 anyway and was totally Whoa!  Al Ewing won me over with the multiple-perspectives-as-offered-by-multiple-artists approach.  (Excited to see Garry Brown bangin’ out Big Green.)  Loved it!  It was incredible immortal!  Happy to see, too, a little Alpha Flight action there at the end.  As I told someone recently–if commenting on Instagram counts as telling: Alpha Flight is the bacon of comics: they make any book better! Two gamma-irradiated biceps way waaaaay up!  Hoping this one flexes its muscles, too.


  • Survival Fetish #3 (Black Mask): I&N Demand Through two, the all-ways moving Survival Fetish really gratifies: the premise is super sexy; Patrick Kindlon’s writing is sharp–the narration and the dialogue double-teaming to deliver an engaging read; but the star of the show is Antonio Fuso, whose black and white art scrupulously sells Saheer’s experience–his ever-evolving “movement”–and, ultimately, runs this fucking town.  In fact, I’m gonna sprint to the comic shop as soon as it opens to get my hands on this one–’cause there’ll probably only be one or two on the shelf and it’d suck to miss it–especially after the wait (it’s been a while) and after having re-read #2 to get my feet under me.  Damn that was good!


  • Uber: Invasion #15 (Avatar)
  • The Wilds #4 (Black Mask)

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,