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Lots of good stuff this week.  Pretty hero heavy thanks to Rebirth–and my complete rejection of the tenet of temperance.

  • Harrow County #15 (Dark Horse): I&N Demand Re: #14: Emmy’s mother’s heart everything-melting backstory frames a frightful “family” reunion, facilitated by an Old Scratchy Levi, whose serpentine smile has me thinking that at any moment his jaw’s gonna drop open and he’s going to swallow sweet little Emmy whole–and me with her!  Oh, maybe I’m just being paranoid.  No need to be; see: Cullen Bunn’s devilish dandy assures us safe passage–  Oh, come on!  Of course he does; that’s what smiling devilish dandies do!  Any reader knows there’s nothing safe about him.  Hell, there’s nothing safe about this issue or about this series.  Thanks to Tyler Crook’s ghostly gouache, every effing panel’s a gamble–like playing hopscotch in a field littered with landmines–and the bodies of hopscotchers come before.  That’s right, I&Nmates: welcome to Harrow effing County.


  • Action Comics #961 (DC)
  • All-Star Batman #1 (DC)
  • Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 (DC)
  • Detective Comics #938 (DC)
  • The Flash #4 (DC)
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3 (DC)
  • New Superman #2 (DC)
  • Superwoman #1 (DC)
  • Wonder Woman #4 (DC)
  • Black Monday Murders #1 (Image): Just I&N Class warfare à la Jonathan Hickman.  It’s arrived just in time!  Here’s a promise: a big world that reads small thanks to writing that’s tighter than a fat cat’s money belt.


  • Symmetry #6 (Image)
  • Black Panther #5 (Marvel)
  • Empress #5 (Marvel)
  • Scarlet Witch #9 (Marvel): I&N Demand I’m happy to report that James Robinson’s tucked his junk away for his intriguing turn on Scarlet Witch.  This book’s been monthly magic!  OK, so we celebrated Robinson’s The Shade (DC)–feels like forever ago–and celehated just about everything else since then save for his full-of-hot Airboy, which was a balls-out blast to the past that sold me on Robinson’s page-bound prickish self, particularly as he hit some notes that recalled David Duchovny’s cock(un)sure Hank Moody in the hilariously depressing Californication.  What a Wanda-full world he’s created here–with the help a different artist for each effort in order to create an interconnected series of singular experiences, which reminds of Ales Kot’s groundbreaking-and-then-standing-over-the-broken-pieces-and-gloating Zero (Image).  Issue #8 found artist Tula Lotay delivering an appropriately hypnotic performance–one that helped to sell the all-important intimacy and to deliver the Ringmasterful twist.  This month: Joëlle Jones assumes art duties.  Something tells me the lady’s gonna kill it.


  • The Vision #10 (Marvel): I&N Demand Later, this very reader, on this very blog, would write a review of The Vision and its creators that no one has written before–and it’d go viral, leaving dancing grooms and blustery moguls dancing and blustering in the datadust.  A blurb would be bounced about the Twitterverse enough to convince some eager editor to snatch it and put it in print somewhere Marvelous.  Then and only then would the world come to realize how integral Tom King’s vision and his voice have been to the evolution of the medium during this Vibranium Age for comics.  For now: on the strength of #9, and King and Walta’s playing us like a Wakandian piano, before diving into #10, don’t forget your flak jacket, your helmet, and, for obvious reasons, your safety glasses.  This could get ugly very quickly.


  • Black Eyed Kids #5 (Aftershock)
  • Cirque American: Girl Over Paris #2 (Jet City Comics)
  • Johnny Red #8 (Titan)
  • Providence #10 (Avatar): I&N Demand Word wizard Alan Moore’s painstakingly finger-banging my brain.  I offer it up to him again.  There’s nothing like it on the shelf.  There can’t be anything like it on the shelf.


  • War Stories #19 (Marvel): I&N Demand More war from Garth Ennis!  Goody, goody bomb drops!


Avery’s Pick of the Week

  • Disney Princesses #5 (Joe Books)

What are you looking forward to this week?

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