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  • Astro City #13 (DC/Vertigo): While #11 earned Top 5 honors for April, #12 left us wanting.  We’re still wanting–wanting #13 to make us want for nothing.  I’m betting on Busiek and Anderson and their single-issue, Astro City version of a season of 24.
Astro City #13

Astro City #13

  • Royals: Masters of War #5 (DC/Vertigo): Rob Williams had himself a helluva month of May.  Ordinary #1 was extraordinary, and Royals #4 was a crowning achievement!  A little inside info: you just may see Mr. Williams’ name on our next Top 5 list. For which book? You’ll just have to wait and see!  Until then, bombs away!
Royals: Masters of War #5

Royals: Masters of War #5

  • Starlight #4 (Image): A stellar first issue has fallen a bit to formula.  Typical of Millar, no?  Sell that concept!  Sell, sell, sell!  Worthy of praise: it’s been on time.  That’s something!  Aw, heck: of course I want to see how Flash–I mean, Duke–gets out of this scrape!
  • All-New X-Men #28 (Marvel): I’ve finally come ’round–or is it that Bendis has finally come ’round?  Hmm. Probably a bit of both.  Just like any good–or evil–mutant, it takes time for their powers to manifest; this mutant manifesto just so happened to reach puberty at #26.  Phew.  This has been–by far–the longest leash I’ve ever let out.
  • The United States of Murder #2 (Marvel): Speaking of Bendis: #1 wasn’t a game changer by any means, but I found the twist at the end enough of a lure to go at least one more.
  • Archer & Armstrong #21 (Valiant): Yo, man, #20 was a trippy return to form, man.  Blew my damn doors off, man! Lucky for us, my beautiful friend, this uniquely American dream of an arc has only just begun.
Archer & Armstrong #21

Archer & Armstrong #21

  • Armor Hunters #1 (Valiant): Of course I’m gonna try it!  Venditti has sold it well enough in X-O.
  • Dicks #1 (Avatar): Ennis, McCrea, and Avatar?  Seems like a menage a trois made in a seedy apartment.  Fast forward to next month, assuming the best, of course: Well, wouldn’t you know: turns out I do like Dicks!  I know at least one ex-girlfriend, who, short on context, would say, “Mm-hmm.”
  • The Empty Man #1 (BOOM!): Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Magneto)–a fella who’s full of ideas–teams up with Vanesa Del Rey (Hit)–a striking stylist, who’s in need of a strong showing after a disappointing turn on Zero–to infect our bags with a viral mini.
The Empty Man #1

The Empty Man #1

  • The Sixth Gun #41 (Oni Press): Double your Bunn, double your fun!  Oh, yeah, this book Hurtts so good. This is their .44 Magnum opus.
  • Uber #14 (Avatar): #13 was a very different Uber story.  Sure, it was a big ol’ cliche; but that’s OK: Katyusha is a character that just tugs at your heartstrings–and rips your heart through your ribs and blows the rest of you to bits.  Gotta love her and what Gillen’s been doing with Uber.

Avery’s Pick of the Week:

  • Bee and Puppycat #2 (BOOM!): #1 was a winner–though Grammy was a bit concerned about Puppycat: “It’s just…unnatural!”  Get over it, Grandma!  Avery likes it!

What are you looking forward to this week?

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