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A seriously light week.  Thank God.

  • Batman Eternal #4 (DC): Your eyes are not deceiving you: I’m still on board!  #3 offered up enough to keep me interested.  I only wish I knew who is responsible for the parts I like…
  • Southern Bastards #1 (Image): I’m willing to give this a shot because I liked what Jason Aaron did on Wolverine and the X-Men–until the AvX crossover nonsense.  Haven’t read Scalped, but, like you, I’ve heard good things.
Southern Bastards #1

Southern Bastards #1

  • All-New X-Men #26 (Marvel): I skipped #25.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything.
  • Hulk #2 (Marvel): I actually passed on #1 the week it came out.  Picked it up last week, however, because Derek recommended it.  Good call.  Waid is always worth a shot; and in this case his new direction for Dr. Banner read a lot like Busiek’s Astro City, with the focus on the surgeon and his ethical dilemma.
  • Silver Surfer #2 (Marvel): We loved Silver Surfer #1!  In fact, we celebrated it as our #5 book of March!
Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer #2

  • Doc Savage #5 (Dynamite): I’ve finally caught up–meaning: I read the first four over the weekend.  I’m glad I piled them up without having read one; this is pretty good stuff!  Also reads a bit like Astro City.  And that ain’t a bad thing.
  • Rachel Rising #25 (Abstract Studio): One of our favorite series took quite a step back with #24.  It was such a significant step in the wrong direction that we called it our Biggest Dis(appointment) of March.  You know we’re hoping for a comeback–for Terry Moore to rise to the level we’ve come to love.
Rachel Rising #25

Rachel Rising #25

  • Rai #1 (Valiant): Matt Kindt kicks off another Valiant title: the return of Rai!  OK, so, I don’t know anything about Rai; but I know from Kindt, and I dig ‘im lots.  Not that Unity’s been great or anything.  Mind MGMT, however, has earned Kindt lifetime Must Try status.
  • Uber #12 (Avatar): Still waiting for #11, which, sadly, wasn’t in my bag last week.
  • Shadowman: End Times #1 (Valiant): The series ended abruptly, only to launch into this mini, which will end it…less…abruptly?
Shadowman: End TImes #1

Shadowman: End Times #1

Avery’s Pick:

  • Scribblenauts: Crisis of Imagination #4 (DC): Oh, boy!  Avery’s been waiting for this one, you know, to see how the series ends.  Or to have another comic that she can tear the cover off of.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,