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Kickin’ off Comictober commodiously:

  • Occultist #1 (Dark Horse): Even though I’m off Revival as of #14, I don’t see why I shouldn’t give Seeley and Norton another shot.
  • Hinterland #1 (DC/Vertigo): Now this has the hook and the look of a Vertigo book.
Hinterland #1

Hinterland #1

  • Trillium #3 (DC/Vertigo): Lemire set a high bar for himself with a remarkable #1; and wouldn’t you know it took the slacker a whole month to clear it!  That’s right: I thought #2 was even better than the now-famous flip book!  So, if I’m doing the math correctly, this one’s going to blow my mind!  And earn a bunch more exclamation points, too!
  • Bedlam #9 (Image): Unless this one leaves me feeling the way I feel after reading a top-tier book, I’m done.  No sense in hanging on anymore.
  • Lazarus #4 (Image): #3 was our #1 book for August, so you know I’m looking forward to this.  As engaging a series as you’re going to find.
Lazarus #4

Lazarus #4

  • Mara #6 (Image): Been waiting for this one for what feels like forever.  Here’s what I thought of the brilliant #5.
  • Mind the Gap #15 (Image): For the last two issues, McCann, Esquejo, and McDaid have been the comic book equivalent of Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  Masterfully layered with a twist of sublime.
  • All-New X-Men #17 (Marvel): The real battle is between my OCD and my better judgment.
  • Captain America: Living Legend #1 (Marvel): Andy Diggle hasn’t impressed me very much, but I’m going to buy this darned thing anyway.  Aaaaargh!  I’m absolutely desperate for a good Cap story.  Give it to me, man!
Captain America: Living Legend #1

Captain America: Living Legend #1

  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 (Marvel): Yet another panel of the counterpane Matt Kindt has tossed over top the industry.  Maybe–just maybe–we’ll get a good Spidey story out of the deal.
  • Codename Action #2 (Dynamite): Oh, why not?  Guess that makes me Codename Sucker.
  • The Mocking Dead #2 (Dynamite): Flesh-eating fun!  Look out, folks: no one is safe from Fred Van Lente and his biting writing!  He’s more dangerous than the undead!
The Mocking Dead #2

The Mocking Dead #2

  • Quantum and Woody #4 (Valiant): Just when I thought I was going to drop my first Valiant title, Jason Asmus and Tom Fowler hit a high note with the E.R.A.  That’s right: stupid just got clever–and just in time!  It’s got my vote!
  • Shadowman #11 (Valiant): I’m always a bit wary of a holiday special–especially a Halloween special; screams “filler issue,” dunniit?  Now that‘s scary!
  • God Is Dead #2 (Avatar): Certainly can’t say this one’s on par with The Manhattan Projects or East of West–not after one issue, anyway; that wouldn’t be fair, would it?  Well, if I can’t say it after #2, then this book, I swear to God, is dead to me.
  • Uber #6 (Avatar): Kieron Gillen is killin’ it–and everything else!  Hey, it’s OK: it’s an Avatar book.  Seriously, though: this has been very good–much better than I expected it to be.
Uber #6

Uber #6

  • Hit #2 (BOOM!): Expected baseball analogy: after one at-bat, Bryce Carlson and crew are batting 1.000.  Recalling the end of #1: this time around, let’s see how they handle the curve ball.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,