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Looks like I’m going to go hungry this week.  Yowza!

  • Astro City #5 (DC/Vertigo): A city I would visit over and over again.  On faith–on belief in Busiek: I know, on each trip, I’ll see something fresh and ultimately fulfilling.
Astro City #5

Astro City #5

  • Batman #24 (DC): $6.99?  Really?  Oh, I’m gonna buy it all right.  Doesn’t mean I have to like it: the experience of buying the book–or the book itself.  OK, you got me: you know I’m going to bring it to Comic Con and I’m going to ask Scott Snyder to sign it.  See that, Mr. Snyder?  Keep an eye out for me–the guy in the I&N t-shirt!
  • Coffin Hill #1(DC/Vertigo): I’m gonna Vertigo for it!  Might prove to be a bit too teenybopper for me in the end, but I won’t know unless I try it, right?  Looks pretty enough.
Coffin Hill #1

Coffin Hill #1

  • Suicide Squad #24 (DC): Let’s hope that Matt Kindt’s not committing career suicide by spreading himself too thin.  While Kot flopped hard here, I do not expect the same fate for the latest Suicide scribe.  Can’t wait to see how his signature narrative style fits this motley crew.
  • Ghosted #4 (Image): I’ve got to start cleaving away some titles.  This one’s on the cleaving block.  If I’m not genuinely jolted by Ghosted this go-round, I’m gone.
  • The Manhattan Projects #15 (Image): A crazed Oppenheimer makes me Oppenhappy!
  • Sidekick #3 (Image): #2 offered up some nice development of Flashbackboy–I mean, Flyboy.  I’m hoping to see this thing take off.  Honestly.
  • Three #1 (Image): Only need one reason to pick this up: Kieron Gillen, who’s doing an Axisellent job over on Uber.
Three #1

Three #1

  • Captain America #12 (Marvel): Gonna nuke it if it ain’t any good.  Remender doesn’t deserve a leash of any length–especially after the all-too-recent Captain America disZola.
  • X-Men #6 (Marvel): Battle of the Atom may never end.  Sure, there’s a checklist, which promises an end to the awful, awful nonsense; but I’m willing to bet it’s a lie.  Feels that way, anyway.  Ugh.
  • Archer & Armstrong #14 (Valiant): Mind the Gap has its Fifth.  Archer & Armstrong is our Sixth.  Every friggin’ month, this terrific title falls one slot out of our Top Five.  It’s almost unexplainable!
  • Eternal Warrior #2 (Valiant): A solid first issue from Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine made this an easy choice.
  • Rachel Rising #20 (Abstract Studios): Gov. Christie-inspired plainspeak: If you’re not reading Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising, you’re an idiot.
Rachel Rising #20

Rachel Rising #20

  • Death Sentence #1 (Titan): Looks interesting enough.  I’m sold mostly by the fact that Titan has delivered one of our favorites: the mathematically impossible Numbercruncher.
  • Deathmatch #10 (BOOM!): #9 was yet another high point for Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno.  Wondering where this is going to go–if it’s going to go–once the final battler is fought.
  • Watson and Holmes #4 (New Paradigm): A Derekommendation worth running with!
  • Afterlife With Archie #1 (Archie): Got some press and my attention–mostly because of the artist attached to it: Francesco Francavilla.
Afterlife With Archie #1

Afterlife With Archie #1

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,