This week promises to be May’s best.  Proof:

  • The Massive #12 (Dark Horse): Suddenly my favorite title.  Yeah, I’m all caught up and can’t wait to join the monthly chase for The Massive.  That’s what she said.
  • Mind MGMT #11 (Dark Horse): Last month was a return to form: its unmistakably insistent and sexy form.
  • Daredevil #26 (Marvel): “Double-sized” is never as satisfying as it sounds.  It’s like Double-Stuff Oreos: they’re really not that much different than regular Oreos, are they?  Gorgeous Chris Samnee cover, though.
Daredevil #26

Daredevil #26

  • Nowhere Men #5 (Image): Wow.  Feels like it’s been gone forever.  Probably feels that way because of a fantastic #4.  Hope it hasn’t lost its edge.
  • Batman Incorporated #11 (DC): It’s almost unfair what Morrison’s doing, isn’t it?  Another sweet cover.
Batman Incorporated #11

Batman Incorporated #11

  • Revival #10 (Image): It’s a soap opera.  I like soap operas.
  • Uncanny X-Men #6 (Marvel): Not too excited about Bendis’s stretching this little pit stop–pun intended–into a second book.  Please make it stop.
  • The Sixth Gun #31 (Oni): Stockpiling my monthlies until the next trade.
  • The Bounce #1 (Image): What the hell.  Can’t be worse than Sex.
The Bounce #1

The Bounce #1

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,