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My stocking was full of goodies, but my bag will most assuredly be empty.  There’s nothing on my pull list for this quick, almost sarcastic cough of a week of comics.  I may raid the rack for two books:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #700: Just to round out the arc, really.  Problems: the price tag ($7.99!  Yikes!) and the fact that I know how it all plays out.  The former is an obstacle made more insurmountable by the latter.
  • Mara #1: A Derekcommendation.  Will probably give it a whirl if I find it.
Mara #1 Cover

Mara #1 Cover

Yup.  That’s pretty much it.  Upside: I’ll have more time to finish up my half of the Images and Nerds Top Ten list–or, if my wife gets her way, to put together all of the toys my daughter scored for her Birthmas Day.

Turning pages,