I surprised myself by saying goodbye to Swamp Thing.  (I did it!)  But I caved with a couple others.  Yeah, I grabbed Action and All-New X-Men.  (Rats!)  Baby steps, I guess.

Scotty Pull Lightly

  • Shadowman #6 (Back for my monthly dose of Justin Jordan juju and Patch Zircher mojo.)
  • Harbinger Wars #1 (Excited!  I feel like this is a crossover worth my time.  Certainly looks the part.)
  • Bedlam #6 (Looks like a nice balance between violence and conversation.)
Bedlam #6

Bedlam #6

  • Animal Man #19 (Umm…where’s the Jae Lee cover?  Flipped through: color me nervous.)
  • Dial H #11 (Nuh uh, they di’nt!  Hell yeah, they did!  How lovely!)
  • Winter Soldier #17 (A Latour of Klein’s work leaves me confident.)
Winter Soldier #17

Winter Soldier #17

Beware of Picks

  • The Massive #1 (For a buck?  Why not?)
  • Snapshot #3 (Another sweet Jock cover.  Any doubt this’ll be the Diggle Book of the Week?)
  • The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 (Yeah, I’m not too sure why.  May have been the whole Dark Horse/#1 combo.  Had no idea it’s a video game tie-in.)
  • Indestructible Hulk #6 (Wow.  Looks like Hulk may be destructible after all.  Ugh.  Hard to believe it’s the same title.)
Indestructible Hulk #6

Indestructible Hulk #6

  • Green Arrow #19 (Really like the look of the book.  This may be the Green Arrow I was hoping for after all.)
Green Arrow #19

Green Arrow #19

  • Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #2 (Am I missing something here?  No, wait: upon further inspection, I’ve discovered the mirrored pages!  Not as exciting as I had hoped.  Oh well.)

My Shame

  • Action Comics #19 (Looks like a Scott Lobdell/Jim Lee book.  Not a compliment.)
  • All-New X-Men #10 (I wonder how long I can hope against hope.  Hmm.  Hadn’t thought about this before: maybe hoping against hope is my mutant ability.)

May as well jump in.

What did you get in your bag today?

Turning pages,