Thank God!  Looks like a light week–a light yet pivotal week.  Knew this week was coming.  Doesn’t make it any easier.  Saying goodbye to a former pull-list stalwart is never as easy as just leaving it on the shelf.  You know I’m going to pick them up.  You know I’m going to flip through them.  You know there’s going to be something about them: the way their pages feel on my fingers; the way they smell…

Sitting in My Bag in the Shop

  • Animal Man #19 (DC): Rotworld is a thing of the past.  Let’s see what Lemire can do now that he’s free of Snyder’s swampy grip.
  • Dial H #11 (DC): Nelson and Roxie sittin’ in a tree/As much fun as a comic can be.
Dial H #11

Dial H #11

  • Bedlam #6 (Image): Spencer’s won me over.
  • Harbinger Wars #1 (Valiant): Yes, please.
Harbinger Wars #1

Harbinger Wars #1

  • Shadowman #6 (Valiant): Still liking it more than I thought I would.  Probably more than I should.
  • Winter Soldier #17 (Marvel): See Shadowman.  No, really: Latour’s surprised me–especially following Brubaker, the character’s creator!  It’s my experience with books like this that make me think it’s worth hanging on for at least one more.  (See below.)

No Prob Picks

  • Green Arrow #19 (DC): Lemire made me uncomfortable enough with #18 to warrant another go-round.  (Just for the record, that ain’t easy to do; so kudos to Mr. Lemire.)
  • Snapshot #3 (Image): I’m a notorious limited series finisher–especially four-issue minis–whether I’m really taken by #1 or not.  While I was not enthralled by #1, Diggle brought enough to #2 to make me look forward to this one.
Snapshot #3

Snapshot #3

  • Indestructible Hulk #6 (Marvel): Nervous about the direction its headed, even if it’s only a digression; but, Waid’s worth it.
  • Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #2 (IDW): Didn’t love the first one.  Thought it was kind of a mess, actually.  Something intriguing, though, about the pages being “mirrored.”
Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #2

Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #2

Know When to Say When

  • Action Comics #19 (DC): Morrison’s gone–and along with him, a major draw to this book.  But this is the beginning of the Diggle Debacle.  Major rubbernecking potential.
  • Swamp Thing #19 (DC): Snyder’s gone–and along with him…
  • All-New X-Men #10 (Marvel): Time for me to man up.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,