Still buying books with a bag over my head, but I’m seeing things more clearly now.  And wouldn’t you know: I’ve pared down the ol’ pull list, but I’m picking up more and more books–and a Moore book, too, for good measure!

Pull-List Pretties

  • Fatale #13 (Wild west?  In my groove–especially now that I’m addicted to Bunn’s The Sixth Gun.   Already feelin’ Book of the Week.)
  • Fury: My War Gone By #10 (Just the thought of this series coming to an end makes me not want to open it up.)
  • Battlefields: The Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova #5 (But then there’s always this!)
Battlefields #5

Battlefields #5

  • Clone #5 (I’m done with this–unless, of course, this one’s any good.  Damn cliffhangers!)

Pickadilly Circus

  • Batman Incorporated #9 (Can’t not follow up on the event that really changed Batman.  I mean, come on.)
  • Deathmatch #4 (Read it.  Feels a little stretched out, but the end promises something new.)
Deathmatch #4

Deathmatch #4

  • FF #5 (Read it.  Fulfills its promise by delivering everything I’ve come to expect.  And that’s enough to keep me on board.)
  • Red Team #2 (Looks like a lot of dialogue.  From Ennis, that’s a plus, y’all.)
  • The Answer #3 (Has been fun.  Expecting more of the same.)
  • Rachel Rising #15 (As consistent as a book can be.  Right there with Saga and Fatale in terms of storytelling.)

    Rachel Rising #15

    Rachel Rising #15

  • Green Hornet #1 (Daniel Indro’s art looks gorgeous.)
  • East of West #1 (More Wild West!  Just east of it, apparently.  Lots of good buzz.  Looking forward to it.)

Looks like a solid week from pole to finish.

Missed out on The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #2 at the shop, but was able to snare it through Oni’s website–along with some Stumptown Vol. 2 books I missed.   Lucky me!

What did you pick up today?

Turning pages,