From a monster week of books (a mixed bag, at best) to a monster storm (needed a shovel-toting podiatrist to clear feet of snow from my driveway!) to another–yes, another–monster week of books!  You know what that means: I’ll be digging my way out of a packed paper bag come Wednesday.  Here’s the forecast:

100% Chance of Snow

  • Batman #17 (DC): The finale of Death of the Family.  Snyder’s track record with finales hasn’t been great of late.  (See: The Court of Owls and the still developing finale of Rotworld.)  Last issue was a bit of a bust; so my expectations are pretty low–low enough for me to see this issue as my last.  That would leave me with one Batbook: Batwoman.  And that one is only a must buy as long as J.H. Williams III is doing his magic.  That’s not what I was hoping for when I was drawn back into comics–after a long break–by the New 52.
  • Battlefields: Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova #4 (Dynamite): Garth Ennis. ‘Nuff said.
  • Bedlam #4 (Image): Last issue ticked me off.  Final Destination: The Comic.  Really?  Short leash.
  • Change #3 (Image): Loved #2–until a questionable ending.  We’ll see.
Change #3

Change #3

  • Clone #4 (Image): Ugh.  I’m not in love with this series.  This might be it.
  • Fatale #12 (Image): The last issue was sooooooo good.  Brubaker and Phillips are killing it here and are setting some serious trends in other books.  Just look around.
Fatale #12

Fatale #12

  • Fury: My War Gone By #9 (Marvel): A double-shot of Ennis?  I’m spinning already!  If you’ve been reading along, you know how I feel about this title.
Fury: My War Gone By #9

Fury: My War Gone By #9

  • Archer & Armstrong #7 (Valiant): Tight story-telling and brash fun.  This book is a reliable palate cleanser.  I’ll probably read it directly after Batman.
  • Bloodshot #8 (Valiant): Back to now after a trip-hop-skip to the past.  While I’ve been enjoying what Swierczynski’s been doing of late, I can’t wait till Harbinger Wars.  Sounds like a crossover that’s actually going to work; one that has value and isn’t just an event for the sake of having an event.
  • Comedian #5 (DC): Yeah, I’m getting it.  Someone somewhere is laughing at me.

Fog.  Just Fog.

  • Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #2 (Image): Not as clever as it thought it was, but it had its moments.  Quirky enough to go for two.
  • Uncanny X-Men #1 (Marvel): Bachalo and Bendis: worth a try, no?  but worth an investment?  I don’t know.  I mean, how long with Bachalo be on the book?  Three issues?
  • Secret Avengers #1 (Marvel): Winter Soldier may be enough of a draw.  Plus, I’ve enjoyed Nick Spencer over on Bedlam.

Increasing Temperatures

  • The Initiates: I’ve developed a bit of a crush on this graphic novel by Etienne Davodeau.  May have to Amazon it.
The Initiates

The Initiates

That’s what’s headed my way.  What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,