These big bags are bullying their collective way into my weekly routine.  Budget-busting bastards.

Straight Outta Bagton

  • Green Arrow #17 (Looks pretty–pretty enough to earn my attention, to be my first.)
Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1

  • Winter Soldier #15 (I have no idea what to expect.  I was ready to just give up on it, with Brubaker being gone and all; but I like the character enough–certainly enough to give it another issue, maybe even an entire arc.  That being said, let’s see what Latour has to offer.)
  • All-New X-Men #7 (I must have a thing for David Marquez.  Because if I’m picking this up, it isn’t for the story, that I can promise you.)
  • Shadowman #4 (Patrick Zircher looks like he’s having fun–shadowy, Cajun fun.)
  • Snapshot #1 (A new Image #1 from Andy Diggle and Jock.  Some crackin’ black and white art, which is always a turn on.)
  • Fairy Quest: Outlaws #1 (Looks like Humberto Ramos has outdone himself–to our benefit, of course.  Betcha it’ll read just as well.  Mr. Jenkins is good that way.)
  • Harbinger #0 (Yeah, hi!  The art is gorgeous and–even without an understanding of the story–strikingly intense.)
Harbinger #0

Harbinger #0

  • Red Team #1 (Looks conversation heavy.  Thank God!  That’s exactly what I was hoping for from Mr. Ennis.)
  • Colder #4 (Ferreyra’s still solid, clearly.  Tobin, however, has been thawing out a little too quickly–especially for a mini.  Sorry to say, not expecting much at this point.)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #20 (Ride ’em, Spider-Boy–er, Man.  For some reason, I’m feeling a bit of anxiety over this one.  I wonder if I’m worried about liking Venom.  Wouldn’t that be a kick in the craggy mouth.)
  • Daredevil: End of Days #5 (Bendis and the crew is building toward something of questionable value, sure, but they’re doing it well; and, with each new issue, I find myself climbing more confidently.)
  • Swamp Thing #17 (Umm…what?  Paquette’s not the artist on the Rotworld finale?  Yeah, I already feel ripped off.  Horrible Wolverine and the X-Men flashbacks.)
  • Dial H #9 (#8 was a bit of a letdown.  Hope China’s got it in him to bring it all back to form–the form that earned his series our highest honor: #1 book of 2012.  A quick, hopeful flip reveals that Alberto Ponticelli’s still trying to find his way.  Yup: we’re all missing Mateus Santoloucco, who, by the way, is rocking it on his own  TMNT book.)
Dial H #9

Dial H #9

  • Animal Man #17 (An odd twist: after a superficial scan, looks like I’m looking forward to this more than I am Swamp Thing.  Even still, I’m not super psyched about it.  Damn.)

So, yeah, I bought a few books today.

What did you get in your bag?  Anything good?

Turning pages,