Two stops at two shops in an hour webbed me a sticky stack.  Yeah, it’s true, believers: I can’t just say, “No.”  Sorry, Nancy.


  • Action Comics #16 (“The Second Death of Superman,” eh?  You know what?  I’m going to forgive him the title.  For now, anyway–until I realize I have to praise him for it, of course.)
  • Animal Man #16 (Thumbed through.  We’ll see.)
  • Dial H #8 (David Lapham had a surprisingly solid turn.  Alberto Ponticelli brings something a smidgen more malleable to the page.  His style is closer to that of original artist Mateus Santolouco, but isn’t quite there–yet.)
  • Secret Service #5 (Just one more to go.)
  • Swamp Thing #16 (More wild layouts!  Panels de Paquette!  Flip-Through Challenge: The Green vs. The Red: Round 1: The Green!)


  • The Superior Spider-Man #1 (Yeah, like everyone else.  Stupid if I didn’t–because Slott’s transition into NOW! was nothing short of amazing.)
  • Avengers Arena #3 (I wonder how long the clever cover cavalcade will continue.  I wonder how long I will continue to buy this book.)
  • Thunderbolts #3 (Maybe if my brain were as big as the Leader’s I would’ve left this one on the counter.  But Elektra is tied up, so…)
  • Change #2 (Well, one thing didn’t change, that’s for sure: it’s still weird.  The cover: appropriate; a few flips and I felt like I had popped some pills.)
Change #2 Cover

Change #2 Cover

  • Shadowman #3 (I had forgotten about this one.  Hmm.  Maybe for good reason.  Gotta admit, though: Zircher’s doing some good work here.)
  • TMNT: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 (Showin’ some loyalty to a Dial H alum: Mateus Santolouco tries his hand at the Turtles, and I’m buyin’ it.)

That’s some pile.  Time to dig in.

What did you get in your bag today?

Turning pages,