This is an adult diaper kinda week–’cause it depends.

Delivering the Goods

  • Action Comics #15: Will I be happy with Morrison’s last few months on the big blue keystone?  I hope so.
  • Animal Man #15: Good, but not as good as its Green companion.  Almost an unfair task, to keep up with Snyder.
  • Dial H #7: I hope this title is dialing up enough readers month to month.  It is so very good; it’d be a shame to lose it.  I mean, did you read #6?  Instant classic.
  • Swamp Thing #15: Yes, please.

Not Now

  • Daredevil: End of Days #3: If it were any other hero’s end of days, I would’ve passed on it from the beginning.  Lucky it’s limited.
  • Fury Max #7: Ennis does war and Fury–and a lot of other things, happy to say–better than anyone else.  Plus, he’s bringing Frank Castle into the mix?  Score!
Fury Max #7 Cover

Fury Max #7 Cover

  • Secret Service #6: Thank goodness it’s over.  I’m done with Millar’s Movie Factory after this one.  Lesson learned.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #699: Yeah, I’m stuck in Slott’s web–for this arc, anyway.  Credit where credit is due and all that.

T’is the Season

  • Colder #2: Looking forward to this one!  Any book with a Dial H vibe is gonna go a long way with me–even if it’s only for five issues.

That’s not too bad–especially after a light week.  Thing is, I’m worried I might reach for…

  • Avengers #1: I bailed on Uncanny Avengers.  Why do I feel like I need an Avenger book?  I don’t need an Avenger book.  I really don’t.
  • Thunderbolts #1: I’m a fool for Elektra.  Steve Dillon’s not too bad either.
  • All-New X-Men #3: Wait.  Didn’t #2 just come out last week?  Marvel’s got some stones on ’em, boy.  I’d have to be an idiot–a desperate idiot–to buy this.

Oh, Wednesday, you always seem to surprise me.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning  pages,