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Only if you were wondering:

  • Comeback #1 (Image): I like Michael Walsh’s art a lot.  Not entirely unlike Sean Phillips or Matthew Southworth.  Bellaire’s colors, too, add quite a bit to the flow of the story–a story that shirks narration for the better.  The premise is interesting enough and is developed well with crisp dialogue amongst characters who are relatively familiar.  Nice twist at the end.  All together, worth another issue.
  • Judge Dredd #1 (IDW): Didn’t do it for me.  I haven’t read any Dredd in the past; figured I’d give it a shot.  A bit too silly for me.  Just not what I expected, I suppose.  It’s a one-and-done, for me.
  • Clone #1 (Image): I wanted it to grab me, but it didn’t.  The premise seems like one I’d like to see play out–especially after reading Schulner’s post-story explanation.  I was put off by the wishy-washy dialogue and Ryp’s art.  His characters’ faces bothered me a bit too much; I couldn’t stand looking at them after a while!  (Probably says more about me than anything else.)  I’m not planning on picking up #2–unless it comes out during a light week.
  • Wonder Woman #14 (DC): Enjoyable enough.  Siracca’s backstory and her coming together with Diana are serviceable steps.  (They’re framed by two two-page teasers, the first about an old god and the last about The New Gods.  I’m liking the former and kind of concerned about the latter.  We’ll see.)  A bit of a drag that Cliff Chiang’s on cover duties but not inside anywhere.  Tony Akins isn’t terrible, but he can be inconsistent at times.  Remains a fixture on my pull list, which has been shedding hero books of late.
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #21 (Marvel): Yup, I’ve officially removed it from the aforementioned pull list.  (If you haven’t see me go off about the previous issue, click here.)  Sure, Aaron sneaks in a very funny “Avengers vs. X-Men 2” comment–to provide a possible explanation as to where all the suddenly missing adults have run off to; but it’s buried beneath an ever-growing pile of Who gives a $#!%?  As a result, it’s see ya later.  To think I used to look forward to this.  Yikes.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #17 (Marvel): I’ve spoken of the danger of the crossover in previous posts.  This title has taken it on the chin for several weeks now.  We’re up to three below-standard issues in a row–unacceptable for a title that was killing it with otherworldly character development by Bendis, who clearly has no use for this United We Stand nonsense.  If things don’t turn back to Miles soon, I’m off.
  • X-O Manowar #7 (Valiant): This title was getting a bit rough with the unnecessary insinuation of Ninjak.  (Is Ninjak ever necessary?)  I’m happy to report that this issue picked it up a bit with the growing Vine story and the disarmingly delightful Vine commando unit target practice.  Finally executed well, this team-up lives to fill my bag for another month.
  • Harbinger #6 (Valiant): My favorite issue of Harbinger so far.  Kris is a character I’d like to hear more from.  With my luck, this is a transitional issue that puts her in play but ultimately leaves her voice behind.  I hope not.  I also like Faith’s psiot persona, Zephyr.  She’s like something out of Mieville’s terrific Dial H.  Solid stuff from Dysart, Briones, and Hannin.
  • The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #4 (IDW): Out with a whimper.  Oh well.

So, now you know.

Feel free to let us know what YOU think.

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