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This may be the first week where I left the store with everything I expected to leave with.  That’s right: if you’ve been keeping up, you know that means my bones and my skin were overridden.

Big Star

  • Action Comics #13 (I hope this isn’t just a mini-vacation for Travel Foreman.  Looks gorgeous.)
  • Animal Man #13 (What the heck happened to Hawkman?  Holy crap!  Does this mean Rob Liefeld is the avatar of the Rot?)

Animal Man #13 Cover

  • Swamp Thing #13 (The layouts look lovely.)

Twelve Inch

  • Dial H #5 (Cock-a-Hoop?  I gotta get me some of whatever Mieville’s taking.)

By the way: Hate–absolutely HATE!–the Arrow banner that cuts across the covers.

Limited Serious

  • Daredevil: End of Days #1 (I can’t imagine a reality in which I won’t like this.)

On a Short Leash

  • Fatale #8 (Needs to pick it up a bit–with a new twist or something; otherwise, it might get pulled off the pull-list.)

Shruggin’ So Hard I Pulled a Trap

  • Rorschach #2 (Might be an improvement over #1.  Might.)
  • AvX #12 (The Architects might’ve saved the best for la—  Sorry.  I can’t keep a straight face.  And that always prevents me from typing the word la—  Darn it.  Still soooo not straight.)

I’d say I can’t wait to get into ’em, but I am waiting–against my will, sure; but I’m waiting, nevertheless.  Hmm.  Maybe by using all this wait, maybe I’m losing wait.  I wonder what’ll happen when I lose it all.  No: I know: I’ll be terribly intolerable, which means I won’t have to go and buy new pants–’cause the old ones’ll fit just fine.

What did you get in your bag?

Turning pages,