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Here’s what I found inside my bag:

The Expected Lot:

  • Batman #12
  • Suicide Squad #12
  • Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #12
  • Spider-Men #4
  • Archer & Armstrong #1

Didn’t See It Coming:

  • Daredevil Annual #1

Ozymandias #2 stared at me from where he belonged–from the rack.  I smiled back.  I paid up, said goodbye to my guy; and as I turned to leave,  I sensed something strange.  I could’ve sworn that Ozymandias was reaching out for me as I reached for the door.  I smiled again as I twisted the knob and clutched my bag to my chest.  Sure, it felt a little light; but for this week, that’s more than all right because I’ve got a couple “out of the bag” books to keep me busy, including:

  • Lemire’s The Underwater Welder (I’m pretty deep into in and loving every fathom.)
  • Waid’s Insufferable over on his website Thrillbent.  (I’ve started Week 1 and am curious enough to continue.)

Expect a Microview post in the very near future.

And I wonder: which book from this week’s bag will find its way into the Scottlight?

Turning pages,