My smallest week of books in a long time.  To celebrate, I’m embracing brevity.

And a Dark & Stormy.

  • Neverboy #6 (Dark Horse): Never quite lived up to its promise.  Feel compelled to see it through to the end, however.
  • Airboy #3 (Image): I&N Demand What is the most remarkable thing about Airboy thus far?  James Robinson’s pen is.  Wow.  Who knew?  (Thanks to Greg Hinkle, now we all know!)
Airboy #3

Airboy #3

  • We Stand On Guard #2 (Image): Oh, BKV, I stand on guard for thee.  No free pass here.
  • The Wicked + The Divine #13 (Image): I&N Demand Has been godly in execution from the get-go.
The Wicked + The Divine #13

The Wicked + The Divine #13

  • The Bunker #13 (Oni): Should’ve jumped off after #11.  Should’ve learned from my experience with Sheltered.
  • Blackcross #5 (Dynamite): If it weren’t Ellis, I’d be long gone.
  • The Spire #2 (BOOM!): Loved Spurrier and Stokely’s Six-Gun GorillaThe Spire #1 broke my heart a bit: neither the writing nor the art lived up to expectations.  Hope #2 isn’t a real #2.
  • War Stories #11 (Avatar): I&N Demand Erin go kick some Nazi ass.  A clever follow up to “The Last German Winter”–it’s an Irish spring!
War Stories #11

War Stories #11

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages–with another Dark & Stormy,