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Snow what?  I’m definitely digging the blizzard of comics–whether good or bad–in the forecast for my area.

  • Resurrectionists #4 (Dark Horse)
  • Astro City #20 (DC/Vertigo)
  • Satellite Sam #11 (Image): I&N Demand Sam‘s been gone for a while.  Can’t wait to get back into the sordid swing of things.  Hope my guy has it in stocking–I mean, stock.  Gosh.  This cover’s got me Chaykin in my heels.
Satellite Sam #11

Satellite Sam #11

  • Southern Bastards #6 (Image): I&N Demand The shift in the focus of the narrative was surprising, sure.  It’s also been pretty boss.  A punishing tale of persistence that is its own reward.
Southern Bastards #6

Southern Bastards #6

  • All-New X-Men #36 (Marvel)
  • Darth Vader #1 (Marvel)
  • Thor #5 (Marvel)
  • Brides of Helheim #4 (Oni)
  • Divinity #1 (Valiant): Just I&N Matt Kindt’s next Valiant venture.  Sure, I didn’t like Rai very much; I even lost interest in Unity pretty quickly.  But I’m enjoying The Valiant and am curious to see Kindt’s take on Ninjak.  This, however, is the one I’m looking forward to the most.  I certainly wouldn’t mind if Kindt manages to give me another book to love–you know, to eventually fill the massive void that’ll be created as Mind MGMT reaches its inevitable end.
Divinity #1

Divinity #1

  • Magnus: Robot Fighter #11 (Dynamite)
  • Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #5 (Valiant)
  • Rachel Rising #31 (Abstract Studio)
  • The Sixth Gun #46 (Oni)
  • Über #22 (Avatar)
  • War Stories #5 (Avatar)
  • Wild’s End #6 (BOOM!): I&N Demand Wild’s End ends here.  How much does that suck!?  The first five issues have been anthropomorphically delicious!  We have been in love with this series–from Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard–since the deceptively simple and surprisingly affective first issue.  (Between you, me, and the scary-ass lamppost: we loved it so much that we named it one of our favorite books of 2014.  No, you haven’t missed anything: we haven’t gotten around to publishing the list yet; but it’s coming soon–I promise.)  If you’ve pretty much missed the train on this one, do yourself a favor and put the trade on your list.  You will not be disappointed.
Wild's End #6

Wild’s End #6


What are you looking forward to this week?

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