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I’ve been dropping books and passing on new books and have been buying more books than ever.  Sure ain’t adding up, but it sure as hell is piling up.

  • Veil #2 (Dark Horse): #1 was a bit underwhelming, somewhat annoying at times, especially as the mysterious young lady got all Seuss-ian while trying on language–like a veil between who she was and who she has become.  But it’s Rucka, sucka, mother——, so I’m trying on another.
  • Detective Comics #30 (DC): Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul take up the cowl after having pushed the pace on The Flash.  I’m interested.
Detective Comics #30

Detective Comics #30

  • Trillium #8 (DC/Vertigo): Lemire’s time-twisting, sci-fi, doppelganger-driven epic comes to a close.  Has flown by, really–so much so that I don’t feel that I’ve developed any sort of connection to the characters.  But has this series really been about the characters?  No: it’s been about the far-out layouts, which have been pretty outstanding.
  • Monster & Madman #2 (IDW): A very Steve Niles initial offering–with art from a fella with an appropriately creepy name: Damien Worm–made this one a must buy.  So did the clever strategy of making us wait for the madman.
  • The Field #1 (Image): Ed Brisson’s a must try thanks to his solid showing on Sheltered.  I haven’t read Prophet, so I don’t know much about Simon Roy.  Guess I will after this one.
  • Sidekick #6 (Image): J. Michael Straczynski has certainly been prolific of late.  How does he manage it all?  Well, for one, he’s using the same storyline for two of his current books: this one and The Twilight Zone.  Not kidding: while reading Sidekick #5, I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone.
  • Starlight #2 (Image): #1 was really, really good.  Out of this bunch of books, I’m looking forward to this one the most.  Art-wise, it’s no surprise: Goran Parlov’s art brings me back to one of our favorites of 2012 and 2013: Fury: My War Gone By.   And it’s no secret: Mark Millar generates great ideas.  Those great ideas usually translate into great first issues–and, just as usually, not-so-great series.  Here’s hoping that this one goes all the way.
Starlight #2

Starlight #2

  • Inhuman #1 (Marvel): Will give it a flip through.  It’s got Soule, but I’m not a Souledier.
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #3 (Marvel): Not sure how I feel about this book.  I like the voice Al Ewing is affecting; in that, it’s a fun read.  I’ve never been a fan of the Thor side of the Marvel Universe, but I could see myself sticking around because it seems Ewing smartly isn’t taking the Asgardian aspect too seriously.  But what is this, really?  Considering the page-bound Lorelei lob just prior to her appearance on Agents of Shield, it’s nothing more than a companion pamphlet–right?
  • Magneto #2 (Marvel): Credit to Bunn and Walta: in #1, they delivered three terrific page turns and developed some serious tension–between Magneto and the motel maid!  A few questionable choices plot-wise leave me wondering if mine is a fleeting attraction.
Magneto #2

Magneto #2

  • Moon Knight #2 (Marvel): The first phase of the new Moon Knight didn’t have me waxing nostalgic.  But it’s Warren Ellis.  No, yeah, that’s all I’ve got.
  • Archer & Armstrong #19 (Valiant): Best moment of #18: Armstrong doin’ a beer bong–all while Archer’s in the middle of a shoot-out with Bloodshot.  Other than that, a notch below what we’ve come to expect from one of our top books of 2013.  Some people say that there’s a crossover to blame…
  • Caliban #1 (Avatar): Garth Ennis goes sci-fi horror.  Well, OK, then.  Gonna be on the lookout for that patented Avatar–the publisher, not the movie–moment.  Come on: you know what I’m talking about: you have been reading Rover Red Charlie, right?
  • Dead Letters #1 (BOOM!): Some more noir from BOOM!  It’d be a crime not to try it!  The second #1 this week that promises a premise predicated upon some dude waking up somewhere without any clue as to who he is, where he is, etc.  Yup: that’s what The Field is offering, as well.  Every new series should start that way!
Dead Letters #1

Dead Letters #1

  • Quantum and Woody #9 (Valiant): Last issue got my goat.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,