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The only forecast worth a damn:

  • Skyman #2 (Dark Horse): My interest in the book has been ramped up not by #1 so much as learning more about Joshua Hale Fialkov as a writer through his book The Bunker from Oni Press, which came out in print last week.  Yeah, so, suddenly I’m like “Sky’s the limit!” for this one.
  • The White Suits #1 (Dark Horse): The new one from Frank J. Barbiere–writer of the underwhelming Five Ghosts, which I dropped after #2–is described as “violent noir,” which is right up my alley; so I’ll pick it up.
  • Batman and Two-Face #28 (DC): Best Batman of the bunch?  Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s Batman, biatch!  OK, so, it’s not Mind MGMT; very few books are.  But it is Batman: it sounds like, looks like, and feels like Batman–and that’s what’s important, isn’t it?  The turn with Two-Face has been a fun one, and it ends here.
Batman and Two-Face #28

Batman and Two-Face #28

  • Wonder Woman #28 (DC): The only New 52 book I’ve been on from the get-go.  Remarkably consistent, drawing more from myth as we go along.  Bring on the Minotaur!
  • A Voice in the Dark #4 (Image): We were lucky enough to receive a preview copy from Larime Taylor a couple of weeks back.  My review–and assessment of the series–can be found here.
  • Alex + Ada #4 (Image): If I had more time, I would’ve written up a Scottlight On post for #3–a very positive Scottlight On post.  I loved it: the dialogue, the absence of dialogue; the composition of balance, the language of juxtaposition; the slow simmer, the tempered tone; the spirit of Asimov, the sword of Damocles.  Very much looking forward to what Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have programmed for us this time around.
Alex + Ada #4

Alex + Ada #4

  • Avengers World #3 (Marvel): Certainly isn’t a must read, but hasn’t been bad.  Certainly worth another issue.
  • Daredevil #36 (Marvel): The end–for now.  We know where it’s going from here, yet I wonder where it’s going from here.  From Hell’s Kitchen to Hells Angels?  Is DD gonna chill on Devil’s Peak?  Or drink from the Devil’s Punchbowl?
Daredevil #36

Daredevil #36

  • Uncanny X-Men #17 (Marvel): This isn’t a good sign: I don’t really remember what happened in #16.  Then again, maybe it’s the sign I’ve been waiting for all along. Maybe I should just be done with this book once and for all and put my four bucks toward something I won’t whine about every damn month.  Hmm.  Maybe save up for Rucka’s Cyclops book out in May.
  • X-Men #11 (Marvel): I swore after #10 that I was done.  That’s three times after only ten issues!  Sounds about right.
  • Curse #2 (BOOM!): I wasn’t overly impressed with #1.  Figure I’ll give it another shot.
  • Extinction Parade #5 (Avatar): I have an idea: let’s marry Max Brooks’s writing with Alex Maleev’s artwork.  That’d be something!  As it is, this is a tolerable exploration of the relationship between otherwise intolerable vampires and zombies brought to the page in the typical Avatar style.
  • The Midas Flesh #3 (BOOM!): #2 was one of our Top 5 Books of January!  Our needle’s pointing due Ryan North!
The Midas Flesh #3

The Midas Flesh #3

  • Quantum and Woody #8 (Valiant): James Asmus is keeping it crazy in his little corner of the Valiant Universe.  Always good for a laugh.
  • Unity #4 (Valiant): Outside of Mind MGMT, this is where Matt Kindt’s clearly most comfortable.  And with Kindt’s Rai reboot on the way, we’ll see just how comfortable.  Makes all the sense in the world that Valiant would be the best fit for him: he gets to remodel the house instead of simply moving the furniture around.

My daughter now expects a “present” every time I come home from the comic store.  Instead of just grabbing something off the shelf willy-nilly, I’m going in with a plan.  I’m calling it…

Avery’s Pick of the Week:

  • Scribblenauts Unmasked: Crisis of Imagination #2 (DC): There’s no doubt about it: Avery loves her superheroes.  While flipping through #1, however, she seemed to like the little villains the most.  I’m in trouble.
Scribblenauts Unmasked: Crisis of Imagination #2

Scribblenauts Unmasked: Crisis of Imagination #2

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,