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My clever introduction has been postponed indefinitely due to snow.

  • Trillium #6 (DC/Vertigo): #5 was flippin’ fantastic.  The balance between the two realities was rendered in a ridiculously meticulous manner.  In many ways, even more impressive than #1 in execution.  Can’t wait to get into this one.
Trillium #6

Trillium #6

  • Lazarus #6 (Image): #5 ended on a naturally disastrous note, one that echoes still, boding a symphony of construction–of resurrection.  Lucky for us, reigning master builders Rucka and Lark are a pair of heavies who always deliver as promised.
  • Sidekick #5 (Image): Engaging enough, though not J. Michael Straczynski’s best monthly.  That distinction goes to…
  • Twilight Zone #2 (Dynamite): #1 was a bit of a revelation, wasn’t it?  Terrific tone–totally Twilight Zone!
Twilight Zone #2

Twilight Zone #2

  • All-New Invaders #2 (Marvel): I’m sure that you’re a lot like me in thinking that it’s got to get better–that James Robinson is a lot better than his cliched riddled initial offering.  Sure, I’m going to try this one; but I’m not going to suffer through growing pains just because I know in my heart it should be good; so, if it doesn’t do it for me here, I’m out.
  • X-Men #10.NOW (Marvel): Another one I’m down on.  The series started off really well.  Brian Wood affected a strong, recognizable voice; in fact, it actually sounded like an X-book, with hints of Claremont, especially in the high notes.  Unfortunately, the “Battle of the Atom” smashed the title’s early momentum, leaving us with scattered neutrons, electrons, and promises.
  • Archer & Armstrong #0.2014 (Valiant): I’m guessing the story of Wee Obie Archer is going to buck the trend of zero-issues having zero value–if only because I expect nothing less from Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez.  Yeah: no throwaway here.
Archer & Armstrong #0.2014

Archer & Armstrong #0.2014

  • Rover Red Charlie #3 (Avatar): #2–like #1–had some really affective moments and some really awful moments.  Not expecting anything different; it’s the nature of the beast, innit?
  • Shadowman #15 (Valiant): Of all the books I get on a monthly basis, this one confounds me the most.  I don’t care a lick about the characters, but for some reason I really like the series.  Doesn’t hurt that Milligan and De La Torre have come together like peanut butter and chocolate.  Dark, dark chocolate.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

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