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A light week highlighted by a highly anticipated lights-out finale.

  • Trillium # 5 (DC/Vertigo): No doubt about it: Jeff Lemire is at his best when he’s in charge of it all.  So far, this series has lived up to–or, in terms of inventiveness in the first two issues, exceeded defied–expectations.   In #4, he weaves worlds together, creating a flower-like fragility, only to seemingly wipe the slate–more specifically, the final panel on the final page–clean.  Looking forward to another issue of haunting, wide-eyed gazes, which, in every instance, fill me to my eyeballs with well-deserved pity.  I swear, Lemire’s characters can see into my soul.  Come to think of it, perhaps what I see in their stares is pity–for me.
Trillium #5

Trillium #5

  • Velvet #2 (Image): If you like Brubaker’s storytelling style, why wouldn’t you like this?  His is a strong voice–one I happen to love–and it’s all over Velvet, which is a celebration of l’ esprit d’espionnage.  Throw in Epting’s photo-realistic artwork and, as a final note, toss a tricky Templeton out a window, and you’ve got a cinematic experience worth every Moneypenny.  Every bad-ass Moneypenny.
  • Inhumanity #1 (Marvel): I’ve always enjoyed the Inhumans, so I’ll give it a whirl.  Doesn’t hurt that Fraction’s in charge.  He’s been inhuman, himself, on Hawkeye and Satellite Sam.  He’s fallen from “must buy” to “must try,” however, because of a questionable–though unquestionably self-gratifying–turn on Sex Criminals.
Inhumanity #1

Inhumanity #1

  • God Is Dead #4 (Avatar): Not required reading–not by any stretch.  Yeah, there’s no need “to prepare for either ascension or damnation” with this Hickman side project; see, it is what it is: Deathmatch with supernaturals.  Who’ll come out on top?  God only knows.  But…he’s…dead…  Uh oh.
  • The Mocking Dead #4 (Dynamite): After the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we all could use a little lighthearted zombie action.  Trust Fred Van Lente to aim for the head as he kills off his biting satire.  That’s right: a cure is just an issue away.
  • Quantum and Woody #6 (Valiant): Each hilarious issue serves to send your BAC (Blood Asmus Content) well past the legal limit!  Have another!
  • Rover Red Charlie #1 (Avatar): Garth Ennis, the end of days, and three dogs.  What’s not to love?  Speaking of love: anyone looking at this and thinking Morrison and Quitely’s We3?
Rover Red Charlie #1

Rover Red Charlie #1

  • Shadowman #13 (Valiant): Peter Milligan brings a new direction to Shadowman, which was pretty good in the first place.  Looks like it’s gonna be a bit darker, which is perfectly fine with me.
  • Six-Gun Gorilla #6 (BOOM!): One issue away from immortality!  Oh, yeah: we’ve loved this series from its blistering get-goso much so that I don’t want it to end!  OK, sure, I know it has to; every story has to.  Unfortunately, not every story does so well.  Simon Spurrier–who proves in #5 that he understands that “[a]ll good things must come to an end” and the “[o]nly thing a story needs […] is an end”–certainly hasn’t let me down yet; though, if I’m being fair, I did find the foray into Blue’s fictional reality a bit frantic–during a head-spinning first read, anyway.  Subsequent reads–yes, plural–spoke to me more clearly, and I’m damn glad they did; otherwise, I would’ve been riddled with doubt and undoubtedly inconsolable.  Ah, but with #6, I get to escape one final time into Spurrier and Jeff Stokely’s brilliant assault on escapism; and, you know what, I’m going to bet that they’re going to deliver the finale that this book deserves.  In fact, “I’m all-in!”
Six_gun Gorilla #6

Six-Gun Gorilla #6

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,