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The weekly feature that was once known as What’s Up? is now more shamelessly titled. The content, however, is as subjective as ever.

  • Dial H #15 (DC): Ladies and gentlemen, this is it: the finale of one of the finest series around. Just the thought of its missing from my monthly haul makes me want to curl up and dial.

    Dial H #15

    Dial H #15

  • Trillium #1 (DC/Vertigo): Jeff Lemire’s back where he belongs: doing double duty. Very excited for this. As much of a must buy as a book can be.
  • Fatale #16 (Image): Speaking of must buys: Brubaker and Phillips have been nothing short of brilliant.
  • The Manhattan Projects #13 (Image): Last issue didn’t close with a cliffhanger; nope: it ended with a chainsawer. So good, ever since, I’ve been imagining myself as a branch. Come get me, Einstein, you crazy motherphysicist!
  • Satellite Sam #2 (Image): #1 was a perfect opening act. I hope Fraction and Chaykin can keep it up here. And so does she…
Satellite Sam #2

Satellite Sam #2

  • Sheltered #2 (Image) Brisson did a heck of a job building up to the end of #1. Anything familiar about the premise was put to rest with a resounding “BANG” on the final page. And the snow was left stained with high expectations. Comeback didn’t carry on well after the first issue; I hope Brisson’s better here and going forward.
  • Ten Grand #4 (Image): JMS has won me over. Glad I stuck around.
  • Sidekick #1 (Image): It’s Ten Grand‘s sidekick, innit? Always willing to give JMS a shot.
Sidekick #1

Sidekick #1

  • All-New X-Men #15 (Marvel): Wow. Where have we really gotten after fourteen issues? This could be the longest leash I’ve ever allowed–and it’s all a matter of trust: trust in the characters and trust in Bendis. Something has to happen eventually, right?
  • Daredevil: Dark Nights #3 (Marvel): Loved #2. Lee Weeks is owning DD on both sides of the pen. Remarkable, really.
  • Helheim #6 (Oni Press): This is a book that has really come together after five issues. Cullen Bunn’s got a knack for this type of tale (see: The Sixth Gun); and, true to form, he’s unfolding this one well.
Helheim #6

Helheim #6

  • Quantum and Woody #2 (Valiant): The first issue was fun enough. Unfortunately, it’s up against an almost perfect in-house buddy book: Archer & Armstrong. How unfair is that?
  • Shadowman #9 (Valiant): Quietly, a really solid monthly.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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