Derek’s right: I’ve got to lighten my load.

Just not yet.


  • Fury: My War Gone By #12 (Marvel): #11 sure made its mark–especially with its effectively horrific end.  Speaking of ends–not that I want to: this is, sadly, the penultimate issue of this furiously brilliant series.  It’ll be missed, sure; but, in the end, it’s not a terrible thing: it’s a step–one forced upon me, but a step nevertheless–in the load lightening direction that Derek has prescribed for me.  Looks like I’ll have to get my Garth Ennis fix with Red Team, which has been only OK so far.  We’ll see.
Fury: My War Gone By #12

Fury: My War Gone By #12

  • Deathmatch #6 (BOOM!): Yeah, so I want to see how this plays out.  Paul Jenkins has been doing a really nice job of keeping the familiar fresh.  As we’ve learned the last couple of weeks, that’s not an easy thing to do.  (See Joe Casey’s The Bounce, if you don’t believe me.)
  • Clone #7 (Image): I’m done saying how I’m caught up in it despite its flaws.  Oops.
  • The Wake #1 (DC/Vertigo): Scott Snyder’s latest.  Sure, I’ve been down on Batman; but I’ve liked Snyder’s original stuff, so I’m looking forward to this–even more so than Superman Unchained, if I’m being honest.  And on the art side of things, Sean Murphy’s a name that gets me charged up, unlike  Snyder’s other big-name partner on the aforementioned Superman book: Jim “Every Panel Is a Lifeless Pin-Up” Lee.
The Wake #1

The Wake #1

  • X-Men #1 (Marvel): Brian Wood’s pimpin’ out the X-Ladies–and I’m buyin’!

On Probation

  • Indestructible Hulk #8 (Marvel): Haven’t loved the diversion; but it’s not like I’m gonna drop it–right?  I mean, with Daredevil around the corner?  No, I’m not going anywhere–not yet, anyway: I’ll wait for the inevitable dinosaurs.  (No, seriously: dinosaurs are coming–sooner than you might think.)
  • Lost Vegas #3 (Image): Sure, #2 was better story-wise; but I need more than that–more than Janet Lee’s stunning art–to keep me coming back.  (Have been catching up with McCann’s Mind the Gap, by the way.  It’s really, really good.)
Lost Vegas #3

Lost Vegas #3

  • The Shadow: Year One #3 (Dynamite): It is a limited series, after all.  You know how I am with limited series.
  • Justice League of America #4 (DC): I feel like I’ve been tricked into sticking with this.  The lure: Matt Kindt–on back-ups, for goodness sake!  Cruel and unusual!


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 (IDW): It’s all about Mateus Santolouco on art duties.  He did a great job–with the writing, too!–on The Secret History of the Foot Clan; and I loved his work on Dial H.  Worth a look.
  • Westwood Witches #1 (Amigo): Probably won’t find it, but the premise alone warrants a flip through if I do.
Westwood Witches #1

Westwood Witches #1

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,