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Planned on picking up a ton of books.  Ended up with a ton minus one.  Left me with blood pressure rising.

Big Ol’ Bags Under My Eyes

  • Helheim #2 (Score!)
Helheim #2

Helheim #2

  • Deathmatch #5 (As much as I’d like to let this one fall by the wayside, I can’t.  I just can’t!  It’s all Paul Jenkins, who is doing a fine job of combining familiar flavors with fresh ingredients.)
  • Mind MGMT #10 (My prediction: back to form.  Looks beautiful.  Kindt’s artwork has such an amazing flow to it: it’s uncannily kinetic.)
Mind MGMT #10

Mind MGMT #10

  • Lost Vegas #2 (Read it.  Once again, the art’s the star here.  Lee’s work, amplified by Sotomayor’s stunning colors, still trumps McCann’s story, which, if I’m being fair, has laid more cards–better cards–on the table.)
Lost Vegas #2

Lost Vegas #2

  • East of West #2 (Read it.  Big plans and baby steps: Hickman’s M.O.  I’m willing to stick around, though I suspect that this might read better as a trade.)
  • FF #6 (Read it already: not Allred-y at all, now is it?  Joe Quinones?  Say it ain’t so!  It is so–and isn’t even a fraction as effective.  So, no.)
  • Uncanny X-Men #5 (Two minuses from the get-go: no Bachalo and a trip to Limbo.  Just when I was getting caught up in…)
  • Fury: My War Gone By #11 (Read it.  So, so good.  The spectre of the looming finale has me feeling melancholic.)
  • Clone #6 (Read it.  Not going to complain about it anymore.  Whatever the title’s weaknesses–and there are some glaring weaknesses–Clone has earned its place as a guilty pleasure.  Gotta see what’s next!)
Clone #6

Clone #6

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #22 (Quick flip through: Oops, probably shouldn’t have flipped through.  Some gorgeous work from Pichelli.)
  • Jupiter’s Legacy #1 (Promise officially broken.  We’ll see if it’s “Shame on me” soon enough.)
  • The Massive #11 (Saving.  Gotta catch up.)
  • The Manhattan Projects #11 (Saving this one, too, for the same reason.)
  • The Answer #4 (Read it.  Now I know the question: WTF?  No, really.  Would’ve fit right in with DC’s offerings for the month.)
  • Batman Incorporated #10 (Read it.  Really good.  The source of the gravity in the Batverse.  Speaking of gravity: how ’bout a little lead rain?  Kudos Mr. Burnham.)

Missed out on Rachel Rising #16.  Yeah, can’t let that happen again.

Turning pages,