I like long lists and I cannot lie.  (I know, I know: I’ve been talking a big game about cutting down my weekly haul.  In fact, I have been trimming off some dead ends; I really have been. Thing is, for each book I cut out, another two sprout up in its place.  It’s not fair!  Not that I have to buy them.  OK, who am I fooling?  Of course I do!  I have to have them to surrrrrrviiiiiiiiive!)

  • The Answer #4 (Dark Horse): Has been lots of fun.  Can’t believe it’s going to end here.
  • The Massive #11 (Dark Horse): A new obsession of mine–on the strength of Dark Horse’s #1 for $1 campaign.
The Massive #11

The Massive #11

  • Mind MGMT #10 (Dark Horse): Hasn’t been up to par of late.  Or maybe it has been, and that’s the problem.  I can’t tell anymore!  Must be tough for a series to carry such a burden of expectations.  Isn’t fair to expect Kindt to keep raising the bar with every new issue, is it?  But I still do.
  • Batman Incorporated #10 (DC): Continuing the Great Batman Hijacking.  Kudos, Mr. Morrison, kudos.
  • Clone #6 (Image): This title was supposed to end up on the cutting room floor.  Instead, I find myself infected with renewed interest on the strength of a pretty decent #5.  Curse your cliffhangers, David Schulner!
  • East of West #2 (Image): Willing to let it build–especially now that I’m high on Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects.  (Yup: that’s why they make the trades, folks–for fools like me.)
  • Jupiter’s Legacy #1 (Image): Swore I was done with Millar after Secret Service.  I also swore I wouldn’t spend more than twenty bucks a week on comics.
Jupiter's Legacy #1

Jupiter’s Legacy #1

  • Lost Vegas #2 (Image): #1 was absolutely gorgeous.  Sure, Lee’s artwork overshadowed the story, but McCann did enough to bring me back to the table.  The bet: I’ll like this issue even more.
  • The Manhattan Projects #11 (Image): As I mentioned: I’m still catching up (I’m deep into Vol. 2), but I’m loving every page.  Might as well jump on the monthly bandwagon now!
The Manhattan Projects #11

The Manhattan Projects #11

  • FF #6 (Marvel): Light, airy, sweet: it’s a damn puff pastry!
  • Fury: My War Gone By #11 (Marvel): You’ll never know, Garth, how much I love you/Please don’t take my Fury away.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #22: In #21, Bendis gave me what I wanted: maskless Miles–and more!  I know I can’t get it every time out, but, gosh, when it happens, it’s so good.
  • Uncanny X-Men #5 (Marvel): I’m kinda glad I stuck with this–and with All-New.  While I could do without some of the poorly played goofy stuff, I’m suddenly satisfied with the sister titles and how they’re being woven together.  More important: I’m starting to like Cyclops again.
  • Deathmatch #5 (BOOM!): A frivolous title that is hanging on by a thread–an intriguingly hearty thread.
  • Helheim #2 (Oni Press): Sold out at the distributor?  One of my guys better have this on the damn shelf or so help me!  No, really: I’ll need someone to help me–pay a ridiculous premium for it.  Damn Thursday mark-ups!
  • Rachel Rising #16 (Abstract Studio): #15 wasn’t as powerful as previous issues.  Hey, it’s bound to happen: Moore’s living in the same universe as Kindt over on Mind MGMT.  That bar can be a real bitch.
Rachel Rising #16

Rachel Rising #16

That’s not just a long list.  That’s a really solid list.  May not be a dead end in the bunch.

Might have to leave the scissors in the drawer this week.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,