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Not a shy week, no; but not nearly as obnoxious as the last, or the last, or the–

Reading Rainbow

  • Justice League Dark #17 (DC): A little less Lemire is like a little less tread on the tire.  Not so thrilled by this one anymore; don’t really care where it’s headed.
  • Comeback #4 (Image): Started off really well but has gotten a bit muddled here in the middle–a fault of many a mini of late.   Can’t quit now, though.  Damn the lure of the mini!
  • TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #3 (IDW): Here’s one I never expected to like.  But I do!  Mateus Santolouco–along with help from Erik Burnham–has done a heck of a job putting this mini together and making it relevant to a reader like me–an admitted relative stranger to TMNT lore.
TMNT: Secret of the Foot Clan #3

TMNT: Secret of the Foot Clan #3

  • Deathmatch #3 (BOOM!): Certainly enough intrigue strewn in to warrant another round.
  • The Answer #2 (Dark Horse): Solid Derekommnedation.  No question: I’m grabbing this one from Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless.
The Answer #2

The Answer #2

  • FF #4 (Marvel): Its quirkiness is keeping it around–for now.

Call Them Maybe

  • Five Weapons #1 (Image): Another Image miniseries?  Oh, why not?  Worth a flip through, for sure.
Five Weapons #1

Five Weapons #1

  • Uncanny X-Men #2 (Marvel): Only if I’m feeling particularly masochistic.

A modest mix, no?  Oughta give me a chance to catch my breath–maybe even knock out a Back and Forth in a timely fashion!  (A nerd can dream.)

What are you looking  forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,