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“What’s up?” you ask?  Yeah.  It’s more like what isn’t up.  Keeeeey-riced!  Check it:

Crisis of Definite Comics

  • Action Comics #17 (DC): Promises to be epic.  Either way, Morrison’s last will be mine as well.
  • Animal Man #17 (DC): Wondering where this is going to go after Rotworld.
  • Dial H #9 (DC): Didn’t kick off 2013 the way it stomped through 2012.  Expectations are still dialed up pretty high–and maybe that’s the problem.
  • Green Arrow #17 (DC): Lemire’s run begins.  Will it be a bull’s eye or another quivering misfire?
  • Swamp Thing #17 (DC): Not caring where this is going to go after Rotworld.  As with Morrison’s Action, Snyder’s last will be mine as well.
  • Daredevil: End of Days #5 (Marvel): #4 was really good.  In fact, halfway through, this mini has been surprisingly effective.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #20 (Marvel): Venom?  Gag–unless he’s going to be used in an unexpected manner, which is totally possible.  Bendis has earned a long leash– even with a poisonous character like the toxic tongue wagger himself.
  • Harbinger #0 (Valiant): Great stuff.  So great, in fact, that I’m not worried about a zero diversion.  Not in the least.
  • Shadowman #4 (Valiant): Didn’t expect to get this far with it.
  • Snapshot #1 (Image): Looks interesting enough.  Don’t have much experience with Diggle.  I’m jumping on because of Jock, who has been doing some transcendent work on the Batman back-ups, or extensions, or whatever they are.
Snapshot #1

Snapshot #1

  • Garth Ennis’ Red Team #1 (Dynamite): Ennis is so hot right now he’s impossible to pass up.
Garth Ennis Red Team #1

Garth Ennis Red Team #1

  • Colder #4 (Dark Horse): Started off so well.  Unfortunately, has fallen faster than Declan’s body temperature.
  • Fairy Quest #1 (BOOM!): Jenkins and Ramos?  Come on: definitely worth a shot.
Fairy Quest #1

Fairy Quest #1

Is This a Comic Which I See Before Me?

  • All-New X-Men #7 (Marvel): Mainly because of Marquez.  Also because I’m an idiot.
  • Winter Soldier #15 (Marvel): Brubaker’s take is THE take, no doubt.  But why not try someone else’s take for at least an issue or two?  Can’t be worse than Remender’s Captain America for goodness sake.
  • Dia De Los Muertos #1 (Image): I’ll give it a quick flip.  Rossmo’s certainly worth a maybe.

I wonder if I’ll be able to buy some time, too; I’m gonna need it.  Yow-to-the-za!

What are you looking forward to?  Anything else I should keep an eye out for?

Turning pages,