I can’t be the only one who feels like January has done its best Mr. Fantastic impression.  Sheesh!  Last week’s pile was a monster but in the end didn’t impress much.  If you’re wondering, Derek and I will cover just a few of the remarkable issues from that super-sized stack in a soon-to-be released Back and Forth.  This week, however, came in at a much more humble height.

Bag of Tricks

  • Deathmatch #2 (Went with Cover C by Trevor Harisine just ’cause it was there.  Opens up well enough and looks like Jenkins and Magno are continuing their steady march toward madness.  What does your bracket look like?)
  • Mara #2 (A-Rod, Ray Lewis–and Mara?)
  • Emily and the Strangers #1 (Recommended by Travis, a recent commenter.  Bought it instead of Avengers #4.  Looks fun!)
Emily and the Strangers #1 (Cover)

Emily and the Strangers #1

  • The Superior Spider-Man #2 (Still don’t care for Stegman’s art.  Still not over the debacle that was the end of #1.  I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to taint my experience–that I’ll dislike this issue no matter what goes down.)

Question: Which Book from Last Week Did I Decide to Pick Up?

  • The Answer #1 (Derek was super convincing.)

Gotta Wait For

  • Justice League Dark #16
  • Nowhere Men #3

Might not get to read any tonight; I’ve still got a thing or two to write.  Darned priorities.

What did you get in your bag today?

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