Let’s make it an even dozen.

Egg Carton

  • Harbinger #8: Very good of late.  I like how Dysart’s bringing together the Renegades.  The jig might not be up quite yet.
  • X-O Manowar #9: The “countdown to Planet Death,” eh?  Hmm.  A love story, perhaps?
  • Mind MGMT #7: Yeah, I’ve been fiending for this one.  Matt Kindt is making magic with this book, our #3 comic of 2012.  If you haven’t already, jump on now.  The trade to cover what you’ve missed, however, won’t be out for a while.
Mind MGMT #7 Cover

Mind MGMT #7 Cover

  • Avengers #3: It’s been barely good enough to deserve another four bucks.  The first two, for goodness sake, ended in pretty much the same manner.  Someone had to have noticed, right?
  • FF #3: I’m not too sure how much longer I’ll stick with this one, either.  If Fraction keeps writing to Allred’s strengths, maybe I’ll stick around for a while.
  • TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #2: The first one was a bit of a surprise: the story sucked me right in; it didn’t matter that I hadn’t picked up a Turtles book in almost thirty years.  (Geez.  Has it really been that long?)  Credit to Mateus Santolouco and Erik Burnham for crafting an engaging story–one entertaining enough to warrant another trip to the What’s Up? list.
  • Winter Soldier #15: Ed Brubaker’s final issue.  Mine, too.
  • Bedlam #3: Feels like it’s been a while, right?  I may have to skim #2 to refresh.
  • Revival #6: #5 was a bit of a drop off.  I hope it picks up again.
  • Batwoman #16: Last month was a disappointment, mostly because I wasn’t expecting another artist to hop in mid-arc.  Big-time bummer.  Everything I’ve read leading up to this week says to expect Williams III; so expect I shall–just not blindly.
  • Wonder Woman #16: Nothing too remarkable of late, but still better than most–especially when Cliff Chiang’s on art duties.
  • Stumptown #5: #4 was a classic.  No, really.  And, wouldn’t you know, I don’t even have 1-3!

Scrambled?  Over easy?  Deviled?  Hard boiled?  Fried?  Cracked?

Whichever way, looks like a tasty lot.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,