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Image has been killing it of late.  As a result, my What’s Up? list has been growing like something that grows a whole lot really, really fast–and its caretaker, the list maker, is not ready to accommodate its unexpectedly freakish size either time- or dollar-wise.  Don’t tell Derek, but it doesn’t help that this week Marvel’s dropping a NOW! bomb of sophomore issues for a slew of titles–many of which I’ve been scoring on the sly.


  • Batwoman #15: More beautiful than any book deserves to be.
  • Wonder Woman #15: Not as much of a sure thing as it had been, but still a pull-list must.
  • X-O Manowar #8: Things are finally picking up with Ninjak.  Look out MI-6!
  • Harbinger #7: #6 was so very good.
  • Comeback #2: I really liked the first issue.
  • Nowhere Men #2: Ditto.  Big friggin’ ditto.
Nowhere Men #2 Cover

Nowhere Men #2 Cover

  • Daredevil #21: The Coyote climax!
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #18: Bendis has been off his game for several issues now.  Mus be the crossover blues.
  • FF #2: FF is just Allred with me!
  • Indestructible Hulk #2: Hoping the first half of #1 is the whole of #2.

Now, No, But Later…?

  • Avengers #2: Will thumb through it first.  Odds, however, are good.
  • Avengers Arena #2: Guilty pleasure of the week.  No, really.
  • Thunderbolts #2: Once again: it’ll have to pass the Elektra test.
  • Captain America #2: It’s tough for me to just say no.  I mean, it’s Cap.

Yeesh!  That’s one big week!  If the pages turn right, could be the best big week in a while.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,