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I’m almost embarrassed to reveal my list for the week.  Almost.

Gimme Morrison

  • Batman Incorporated #4: My wish has been granted!

It’s No Secret

  • Justice League Dark #13: Two houses, both alike in clandestineness…

Snikt Decision

  • Wolverine MAX #1: I’ve enjoyed Fury Max enough.  Maybe this is worth a try.

Grod Darn It!

  • The Flash #13: Haven’t missed an issue yet.  Been thinking about ditching for a few issues.  Might not be able to–with Grodd and all.

The Flash #13 Cover

It’s a pretty small week pour moi.  But we all know: it’s not the size of the stack; it’s the action under the covers.

Which books are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,