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I’m marveling at the list: a short one, indeed.

Blind Trust

  • Daredevil #18: The Coyote comes to the big city.  Seems his bite might actually be a helluva lot worse.
  • Spider-Men #5: Loved #4 so much that Scott Lobdell could be a surprise guest writer on this and I’d still buy it.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #15: I really like Miles.  I bet you do, too.


  • Batwoman #0: The cover kicks, well, something–maybe your face!  Harvey Award winner J.H. Williams III is the best and is the only reason I’m back on board with the Batbroad.

Batwoman #0 Cover

  • Wonder Woman #0: Looking forward to a revealing story.  If the art’s revealing, too, all the better!

Five books?  Fine with me–and the ol’ wallet.  Looks like I’ll be able to eat this week.

What are you looking forward to?

Turning pages,