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Looks like I’ve fallen into a pattern: if my research is correct, I’m due for another short stack.  I guess it’s the result of my paring down my pull list and my limiting my off-list purchases; it’s my sticking to what I like and quitting what I don’t.  See: I used to hold out hope for a title when I didn’t like a particular issue or a particularly uninspiring arc.  I’d suffer–and spend–through crap only to end up with crap.  But I sit here today to type to you: no more, friends; no more!  Yes, I will try new things, but rest assured: if I’m buying a book on a regular basis, it’s a good one.

I’m always open to recommendations; in fact, I’m almost to the point where I’m desperate for them!  So if you’re reading something that you think is good, let me know.  I’ll give it a whirl, and then I’ll let you know what I think about it.

OK.  With that out of the way, here are the books I’m looking forward to scoring tomorrow:

The Dream Team

  • Rocketeer #1: Cargo of Doom: Waid and Samnee did a fantastic job goin’ all old school on DD, and, boom!, they’re right back to it with something seriously retro.  I couldn’t give a flying fandango about the Rocketeer; this purchase is all about the hands behind it.

Spooks and Crooks Do Rhyme

  • Justice League Dark #12: I’m under Lemire’s spell.  It compels me to buy anything with his name on it.  Apparently, it’s a difficult spell to master: it’s 22 pages long and it’s freakin’ good.  He’s pretty well got it down; and I’m down with JLD.
  • Super Crooks #4: It’s just Millar being Millar: a decent read clearly scripted for the big screen that isn’t overly concerned with punctuality.

Grant Me a Wish

  • Batman, Inc. #3: I so want this to be quirky, violent fun.  Like breakfast.

I’m Cranky.  I Have Cramps.  Must be JMS.

  • Dr. Manhattan #1: Maybe Nite Owl sucks because Straczynski has been putting all his energy into this one.  (I totally typed that with a straight face–but was cracking up on the inside.)

The Bottle Deposit Buy of the Week

  • Flash #12: I’ve got the whole series so far, but I’ve lost interest.  Why should I bother with this?  Well, Manapul’s art and layouts have stood out; and if they do during a flip-through, I may as well drop some quarters on the counter.

My Digital Mistress

  • Rachel Rising #10: Terry Moore is killing it, and I’m buying it–on Comixology.  I’ve been behind a month because I’ve been waiting for the price to come down before buying it.  I can’t wait anymore.  Really, really good.

That’s what I should find in my bag.  What about you?

What will be in your bag tomorrow?

Turning pages,