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Wow!  That week flew by.  And it looks like it flew right into another pretty light week.  Darn.  I was looking forward to a nice haul.  As it is, here’s what should be in my bag come tomorrow:

Azzarello Yeah!

  • Rorschach #1:  No matter which way you look at it, this oughta be good.  And I’m pretty sure–I think you’ll agree–it’ll be better than Straczynski’s wannabe Rorschach book.  Without question, Azzarello’s Comedian has been the only Before Watchmen book worth reading up till now.  Plus, he’s been doing a masterful job on…
  • Wonder Woman #12: Bring it on!

Didn’t Have to Waid Too Long

  • Daredevil #17: I feel like I just finished reading #16.  So what!  Daredevil has been great.  And, as an added bonus, Mike Allred!  Nice.

Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson

  • The Shade #11: Robinson’s work on this book casts a long shadow–one that the other books he’s working on at the moment can’t escape.  While this arc has been uncharacteristically inconsistent, the book still screams snarky fun.

Charity Case

  • Captain Marvel #2: The first issue was wildly inconsistent.  There were some really lame moments; but then there were some brilliant turns that left me wondering where this book might go.  I may pick this up simply because it’s such a light week.

What will be in your bag tomorrow?

Turning pages,