What’s I&N Store–the Back-to-School Edition.

  • Rise of the Black Flame #1 (Dark Horse)
  • Batman #6 (DC): I&N Demand Hmm…  Did I like #5?  Did I really like it?  Check out my write up–I&N the Scottlight: Batman #5–and figure it out for yourself.

Batman #6

  • Nightwing #4 (DC)
  • The Sheriff of Babylon #10 (DC/Vertigo): I&N Demand Re: #9: And along came a spider–with a suicide vest strapped to him!  King kills it yet again with his simmering brand of realism, characterized by his trademarked terseness.  Gerads is truly the perfect partner, selling the suspense with subtle shifts from panel to panel.  Team austerity= teeming tension.  The convo between Chris and Bob?  Man, I can’t wait for that bomb to go off!  It all comes down to this: I never want this book to end.

The Sheriff of Babylon #10

  • Superman #6 (DC)
  • Unfollow #11 (DC/Vertigo): I&N Demand Re: #11: “<Oh, shit,>” indeed!  So many terrific moments.  Top 2:
    • #2: Story time with Akira: “<Narrative deathmatch commence!>”  A war of words–a series of salvos–a battle here, there–all of it presaged in the past.  Forever Jung…
    • #1: The page turn that culminates in @TheMaskNotRubenstein’s succinct “We are all hollow”and the corresponding image–a beast with one and two-thirds backs.

Love this goddamned book. Feels like I’m following Rob Williams to hell.


Unfollow #11

  • Kill or Be Killed #2 (Image)
  • Nowhere Men #11 (Image)
  • Paper Girls #9 (Image)
  • Doctor Strange #11 (Marvel)
  • Alters #1 (Aftershock): Just I&N Most of the Aftershock books have been kinda blah–save for Dreaming Eagles, American Monster and the still-too-young-to-judge Captain Kid.  Plenty of promise here, however: Paul Jenkins rarely disappoints–and gives me an opportunity to type Deathmatch for a second time in this post!  Yeah, I know: an heroic transition.

Alters #1

  • Cirque American: Girl Over Paris #3 (Jet City)
  • Crossed +100 #18 (Avatar): I&N Demand An uncomfortable read on multiple levels.  Genius.

Crossed +100 #18

  • Giant Days #18 (BOOM!)
  • Kim & Kim #2 (Black Mask): I&N Demand #1 was pretty fun.  Damn straight I’m ready to transition into #2!

Kim & Kim #1

  • Thin #1 (American Gothic)

Avery’s Pick of the Week:

  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #73 (DC)

What are you looking forward to this week?

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