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Hey I&Nmates!  How’s this for cool:

In the back Motter of the most recent issue of Mister X: Razed (Dark Horse)…

Mister X: Razed #2

Mister X: Razed #2

…Mr. Motter himself was kind enough–and ostensibly flattered enough–to make reference to a little honor that we bestowed upon his perfectly built Mister X: Eviction, our #1 book of 2013.

Check it out:


What a surprise, right?  As it is, I’m not much of a back matter reader; so you might imagine my reaction as I happened upon “Innie Award.”

You’d be correct if you imagined that I erupted in expletives–very holy expletives.

Speaking of holy: we’d like to thank the godly Mr. Motter for giving us a shout out–and, of course, for his bar-razing follow-up to Eviction, which is already positioning itself for a run at our Top Ten of 2015!

Turning pages–all of them from now on!