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As far as bags go, this one feels a lot like punching.

  • Animal Man #22 (Read it!  I enjoyed it–maybe more than I should have.  I like the idea of the Splinterfolk, even if Lemire’s dialogue during their page time tends toward clunky/goofy.)
Animal Man #22

Animal Man #22

  • Revival #12 (Read it!  No surprise here: another solid issue.  Love the way the kid’s cartoon was integrated into the story.)
Revival #12

Revival #12

  • Batwoman #22 (Read it!  Liked it a lot.  Maybe Menachem from Escape Pod Comics was right: it’s all good: even though J.H. Williams III isn’t drawing, he is writing.  And Trevor McCarthy is pretty bad ass in his own right.  Really dug the Batvillain rundown.)
  • Dream Thief #3 (Not quite there yet.)
  • Numbercruncher #1 (Looking forward to it.  If it’s got a Six-Gun Gorilla vibe, I’ll be very happy.)
  • Day Men #1 (I’ll get to it.)
Day Men #1

Day Men #1

  • Red Sonja #1 (Yeah,  grabbed the Staples cover.  Makes me miss Saga even more.  Will probably be the final read for the week.)
  • Half Past Danger #3 (Read it!  It’s like this: a tire that’s leaking air slowly.  Agonizingly so.  I’m considering dropping it–and not just because of the dinosaurs.)
  • The Strain: The Fall #1 (Read it!  I’ll not be picking up #2.)
  • Archer & Armstrong #11 (Read it!  As consistent as they come: great fun and filet knife sharp!  General Redacted is the —-!  And I wasn’t so turned off by the dinosaurs!)
Archer & Armstrong #11

Archer & Armstrong #11

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #25 (Read it!  It’s no secret: I like Miles more than I like Spider-Man Miles; but I’m not gonna lie: I really liked the final splash.  That’s right, true believers: I was happy–in fact, relieved–to see Miles in his costume.  What the heck is going on this week?)
  • FF #9 (Read it!  No Allred, but still plenty of fun.  Fraction’s in the zone, man.  I think I can safely say I’ve grown fond of him, what with Hawkeye and Satellite Sam and all.)
  • Batman and Catwoman #22 (Read it!  Good stuff all around.  Has cemented itself as my favorite New 52 Batman title.)
Batman and Catwoman #22

Batman and Catwoman #22

  • All-New X-Men #14 (Read it!  Kind of like last week’s Uncanny X-Men: didn’t really go anywhere or accomplish anything–other than, in the case of All-New, reveal a fiery side to Jean Gray.  No.  Really?  Burned!)
  • Wonder Woman #22 (Read it!  A decent read–as always.  And, you know: I didn’t hate New Genesis and the New Gods as I usually do.  Wait a minute.  Something’s definitely up.  First, I’m OK with dinosaurs in A&A.  Then, I’m down with Spider-Man Miles.  And, now I’m not turned off by the New Gods?  There’s only one explanation: my mutant power has finally manifested itself: I’m–I’m–tolerant.)
  • Harbinger Wars #4 (Read it!  Trying to remember…  The series was not as epic as I had hoped.  I really wanted Valiant–through this mini–to show the bigs how to do a crossover up right.  Oh well.  At least it’s over.)
  • Batman ’66 #1 (Read it!  Really captures the spirit of the TV show.  A Bat blast!)

I’m all punched out.

What did you get in your bag this week?

Turning pages,