Not more and not less; but what a way to start off the month.

Grab Bag

  • Mister X: Eviction #2 (Looking forward to this one the most.)
  • Uber #2 (Thumb through: thinking I’m going to have to cut ties to this party.)
  • Dial H #13 (Just want to savor it, you know?)
  • Ten Grand #2 (On the hot seat, for sure.  Won’t hesitate to toss it.)
  • Bedlam #7 (Maybe change is good.  We’ll see.)
Bedlam #7

Bedlam #7

  • Daredevil: Dark Nights #1 (Will keep an open mind, but won’t be shy about closing the ol’ bag if it doesn’t do it for me.  As End of Days ends its brief run, it leaves behind a pretty high standard to live up to.  Wonder if Weeks will prove strong enough.)
  • Daredevil: End of Days #8 (Final issues of arcs, minis, and series are often major disappointments.  I wonder how this one’s going to pan out.)
  • Shadowman #7 (No reason to think I’ll less than like it.)
  • East of West #3 (I’m just south of north for this one.)
  • Red Team #3 (Word on the street is that it does, in fact, take off.  ‘Bout time.)
  • Rachel Rising #17 (No one–no one–does snow like Terry Moore.  I want to taste it.)
Rachel Rising #17

Rachel Rising #17

  • Suicide Risk #2 (Read it!  Yeah, I’m off.)
  • Winter Soldier #19 (Read it!  Glad I was paying attention.  Last issue?  Probably for the best.  Something tells me, however, that there’s going to be an unnecessarily hyperbolic relaunch–maybe around the time that the new Cap movie is released?)
Winter Soldier #19

Winter Soldier #19

  • Archer & Armstrong #10 (Read it!  I’ve probably used the same two words to describe each issue thus far; and if I have it’s only because those two words pretty well cover it.  The words?  Smart and fun.  See?  I told you.)
  • All-New X-Men #12 (Read it!  As I mentioned in What’s Up?: It is what it is.  In this case, what it is is wholly unnecessaryAnd still I buy.)
  • Astro City #1 (Read it!  Looks like I didn’t need to know much about the Astro City come before to enjoy this because enjoy this I did.  It kinda just speaks to me, you know?)


What did you get in your bag this week?

Turning pages,