You know you’re buyin’ a lot of comics every week when you tell your friends that this week’s a light week and when they ask you what’s light you say ten books and then add at least.

Pulled Pork

  • Change #4 (Image): It was bound to happen, its being a four-issue limited series and all.  So far, I’ve loved the poetically enigmatic narrative and the volatile visual storytelling, too.  I’d like to see this crew–Kot, Jeske, and Leong–on a monthly, please.  I’d buy it even if I couldn’t understand what was going on; in fact, I’d prefer if it!
Change #4

Change #4

  • Nowhere Men #4 (Image): Solid stuff.  Damn fine design.
Nowhere Men #4

Nowhere Men #4

  • Archer & Armstrong #8 (Valiant): Smart, smart fun.
  • Bloodshot #9 (Valiant): Gamma!
  • Batman #18 (DC): Oh no: Harper Row.  “Fan favorite”?  WTF, indeed!

Thick Pickin’s

  • Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #3 (Image): It’s not easy for me to quit on a short series if I’ve gone halfway.  I hope I can muster up the nerve to just say no tomorrow.
  • Emily and the Strangers #2 (Dark Horse): Oh, why not?
  • The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2 (IDW): #1 was really good–no, it was better than that!  A book with a perfect tone.  Roger Langridge and J. Bone nailed it on both ends.  One of the top Derekommendations thus far!
The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2

  • Secret Avengers #2 (Marvel): Nick Spencer hooked me.  Didn’t plan on it, that’s for sure.  So, bring on Taskmaster–one of my faves, by the way.
  • Uncanny X-Men #3 (Marvel): Ugh.  (I know: it’s always Ugh–and still I buy.  Sad.)

Can always rely on the Valiant books.  But I’m really looking forward to one comic, in particular: The Rocketeer!  Boy, have my tastes changed over the past year or so!

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,