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Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted, but sometimes life takes precedence (even over comic books!) But now, as I try to stretch out the last few hours of my summer vacation, let me play a little catch up by offering the following:

My Top Three Picks of the last couple of weeks
(in reverse order, because countdowns are fun)

3. Courtney Crumrin #4 – Ted Naifeh hits the sweet spot between Roald Dahl and Tim Burton. His top-notch art manages to be both atmospheric and clean, perfectly complementing a story that’s like a younger, supernatural take on Veronica Mars. Yeah, it’s YA. And Pixar movies are for kids. Get over it and pick it up.

2. Batman Inc. #3 – Grant Morrison has this thing humming like a Ferrari. Perfect pacing, twists and turns, snappy dialogue. And Bat-Cow. Despite Snyder’s overall excellent first year helming Batman, this is quickly re-establishing itself as the Bat-book to beat. This book simply crackles.

1. Saga #6 – What happens when you mix Douglas Adams, Bonnie and Clyde and Parenthood? Sounds awful right? Yet Brain K. Vaughn’s little miracle of a story is the most involving monthly going right now. Endlessly inventive, occasionally maddening, generous and cruel and funny, this feels like the work of a writer with nothing to prove, doing exactly what he wants. And Fiona Staple’s pages are not just wonderfully drawn; they’re among the most smartly designed being produced right now. My one complaint? After a stunner of a cliff-hanger, Vaughan announces that they’re taking two months off?! (ok, so I guess it’s not a monthly….grumble)

So there you go. Buy, read, love. Repeat.